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. 觸媒及反應工程
地點:大禮堂迴廊  展示時間: 13:30-16:00 (11/9)
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CR001 0002 劉彥君 Yenchun Liu, Minchi Liu 吳鳳科大 The use of waste SNCR catalysts to produce Li4Ti5O12 anode material for a lithium ion battery
CR002 0063 方韋翔 Wei-Xiang Fang(方韋翔)*,Yi-Chen Shih(施奕丞),Bing-Hung Chen(陳炳宏) 成功大學 Study on Heterogenously Catalyzed Oligomerization of Glycerol over Alumina Supported Ca/Sr Mixed Oxides
CR003 0075 李昭緯 Bing-Hung Chen*, Chao-Wei Lee, Dai-Ying Lin 成功大學 Biofuel Production from Waste Cooking Oil Using Fumed Silica Derived Metasilicate Catalyst
CR004 0085 林柏儒 Jia-Ming Chern (陳嘉明)* , Bo-Ru Lin (林柏儒) 大同大學 Preparation of Granular Zirconium Sulfate Catalyst and its Application for Oleic Acid Esterification
CR005 0092 劉宗宏 劉宗宏,*, 洪立偉, 謝傳永, 曾煜凱 明志科大 Utilizing TiO2 Immobilized on SBA-15 Material for Synthesis of a Photocatalyst Composite
CR006 0094 謝婷宇 Jia-Ming Chern (陳嘉明)* , Ting-Yu Hsieh (謝婷宇) 大同大學 Evaluation of a Commercial Acid Catalyst for Acid Waste Cooking Oil Esterification
CR007 0118 洪雋珽 Jiun-Ting Hung(洪雋珽), Chiing-Chang Chen(陳錦章)* 臺中教大 Two novel heterojunction photocatalyst, Bi2MoO6/g-C3N4 and Bi10MoO18/g-C3N4: synthesis, characterization, photocatalyticactivity, and mechanism
CR008 0139 吳俊達 陳朝煌*, 吳俊達, 許希彥, 李秋煌 工研院 Catalytic hydrogenation of 4,4’methylenedianiline to produce 4,4’-methylene bis-cyclohexylamine
CR009 0153 王鵬華 Yen-Chen Huang(黃彥禎) , Peng-Hua Wang(王鵬華) , Tai-Chou Lee *(李岱洲) 中央大學 Improving Coverage and Crystallinity of SiO2@ZnIn2S4 Nanoparticles Using Microwave-assisted Hydrothermal Method for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
CR010 0157 宋襄伶 宋襄伶 臺灣大學 Conversion of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural to 1,2,6-Hexanetriol over MOF-derived Pt@Al2O3 Composites with Assistance of NaBH4
CR011 0174 楊皓東 Che-Chia Hu (胡哲嘉)*, Hao-Dong Yang(楊皓東) 中原大學 Photocatalytic Activity Intensification of g-C3N4 Through Coupling of Acid-Doped Polyaniline
CR012 0177 楊弘君 Hung-Chun Yang(楊弘君), Che-Chia Hu(胡哲嘉)* 中原大學 Preparation of g-C3N4 from Carbon-Nitrogen Rich Precursor and Mushroom Waste
CR013 0185 吳一姍 Yi-Shan Wu, Chien-Liang Lee 高雄科大 Physically Defective Graphene-Oxide-Nanosheet-Supported Pt Nanoparticles as Glucose Oxidation Catalysts and Sensors
CR014 0218 鄭譯威 Chih-Min Tsai1 ,Yi-Wei Cheng1, Tien-Tsan Hung1, and Tzong-Rong Ling1* 義守大學 Reusability Study of Sulfonated Carbon-based Granular Catalysts for Synthesis of Biodiesel from High Acid Value Waste Cooking Oil
CR015 0245 李國禎 Kuo-Tseng Li* and Yuan - Chih Shieh 東海大學 Propane dehydrogenation to propylene with Pt-Sn @SiO2 core-shell catalysts 
CR016 0263 陳栩輝 Hsu-Hui Chen, Teng-Yun Liang, De-Hao Tsai 清華大學 A Facile Gas-Phase Self-Assembly of Ni-Ce-Al Hybrid Nanostructures as High-Performance Catalysts for Methane Dry Reforming with Carbon Dioxide
CR017 0283 施淳彥 Chun-Yan Shih (施淳彥), Nei-Jin Ke (柯乃今), Wei-Lun Huang (黃偉倫), Wu-Chou Su (蘇五洲), Hsisheng Teng (鄧熙聖)* 成功大學 Efficient H2O2 Generation Using Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Oxide Quantum Dots as the Photocatalyst for Photodynamic Cancer Therapy
CR018 0285 李芫瑄 Yuan-Shuan Li(李芫瑄) , Kuo-Tseng Li(李國禎)* 東海大學 The study of catalysts for succinic acid hydrogenation
CR019 0288 陳致佑 Yan-Lin Wang(王衍霖), Chih-Yu Chen(陳致佑), Mei-Jywan Syu(許梅娟)* 成功大學 Synthesis of Copper-Organic Frameworks for Adsorption and Electrocatalysis of Carbon Dioxide
CR020 0292 Hung-Yen Chang(張宏彥) Hung-Yen Chang(張宏彥), Guan-Hung Lai(賴冠宏), Chih-Yuan Lin(林致遠), De-Hao Tsai*(蔡德豪) 清大化工 Controlled Synthesis of Ni-CeO2/Al2O3 for Reductive Amination of Polyols
CR021 0293 王景平 Ching-Ping Wang (王景平), Jhih-Kai Chen (陳智凱) , You-Bin Liu (劉祐賓), Ke-Fong Deng (鄧科豐), Chao-Wei Huang (黃朝偉) 高雄科大 Antibacterial Properties of TiO2-Chitosan Composite Materials
CR022 0298 翁翠霞 Jih-Mirn Jehng(鄭紀民)*,Tsui-Hsia Weng(翁翠霞), Jia-Xin Chen(陳佳昕) 中興大學 Study of the Active Sites in Ethylene Oligomerization Catalyzed by Ni-loaded ZSM-5
CR023 0304 許家馨 許家馨,李國禎* 東海大學 Catalyst studies for the reaction between glycerol and acetic anhydride.
CR024 0350 Cheng-Yang Wu Cheng-Yang Wu(吳承洋) 中央大學 Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production based on SiO2@AIZS Core-Shell Particles Prepared at Various Temperatures
CR025 0380 Van-Can Nguyen(阮文勤) Van-Can Nguyen(阮文勤), Nei-Jin Ke(柯乃今) and Hsisheng Teng(鄧熙聖)
成功大學 Photocatalytic Reforming of Sugar and Glucose into H2 over Functionalized Graphene Dots
CR026 0382 張鉯雯 Yi-Wen Chang (張鉯雯) , Ren-Bin Lin (林仁斌)* 中國文化大學 In Situ ATR-FTIR Study on the Degree of Conversion of Photoinitiated Bis-GMA/TEGDMA/Bis-EMA Biomedical Polymers.
CR027 0383 Chao-Yen Cheng(鄭昭彥) Chao-Yen Cheng(鄭昭彥), Yung-Hsin Tsai(蔡詠勛)、Tsong-Huei Chang(張聰慧)* 明新科大 Enhancement of H2 production activity of Co/Al2O3 catalyst by modification of Al2O3 surface with chitosan
CR028 0416 黃瀞瑩 黃瀞瑩*、郭任淵、梁國超 原子能委員會核能研究所 Study on high temperature removal hydrogen sulfide by CF-01 desulfurization sorbent in different types of reactors
CR029 0437 陳冠瑋 陳冠瑋、李佳昀、張仁瑞* 中正大學 Bifunctional Pd-Pt/Zeolite Pellet Catalysts for the Preparation of Low-aromantics Solvent
CR030 0477 周宏隆 Hung-Lung Chou(周宏隆) 臺灣科大 Investigation of Adsorption of Trimethylphosphine (TMP) on anatase TiO2(001) and TiO2(101) surfaces
CR031 0515 林士和 林士和、張博雅、曾怡享* 逢甲大學 Cuprous oxide-loaded graphitic carbon nitride/polyimide hybrid films for photocatalytic reaction
CR032 0546 潘敬威 Jing-Wei Pan, Jeng-Yu Lin 大同大學 Sol-gel synthesis of lithium orthosilicate as base catalyst fog transesterification
CR033 0561 蔡政廷 Zheng-Ting Tsai (蔡政廷), Yi-Fu Chen (陳奕福), I-Hsiang Tseng (曾怡享)* 逢甲大學 Synthesis and characterization of graphitic carbon nitride/polyimide photocatalytic films
CR034 0595 Wei-Che Tsai Chien-Wei Wang(王建緯), Wei-Che Tsai(蔡維哲) and Chi-Jung Chang(張棋榕)* 逢甲大學 Application of flower-like CuS/ZnS composite photocatalyst for photocatalytic hydrogen production
CR035 0599 黃綮宥 Ci-You Huang(黃綮宥)and Chi-Jung Chang(張棋榕)* 逢甲大學 Zinc oxide/zinc sulfide core-shell nanorods photocatalyst for hydrogen production
. 電化學工程
地點:大禮堂迴廊  展示時間: 13:30-16:00 (11/9)
報告編號 論文編號 報告作者 共同作者 單位 論文題目
EC001 0010 羅宇舜 Yu-Shun Luo (羅宇舜),Chien-Chen Wang (王千禎)and Dah-Shyang Tsai (蔡大翔)* 臺灣科大 Energy storage of the Sn+SnS@CNT negative electrode for lithium ion capacitor
EC002 0011 李芮彣 Ruei-Wen Li(李芮彣), Yuan-Chi Tsai (蔡元智), Dah-Shyang Tsai (蔡大翔)* 臺灣科大 Enhancement of corrosion resistance on magnesium alloy AZ91D through micro arc oxidation coatings and their duplex coatings
EC003 0012 羅宇舜 Chun-Wei Chiang (江俊緯) ,Yu-Shun Luo(羅宇舜)and Dah-Shyang Tsai (蔡大翔)* 臺灣科大 Doped and undoped activated carbons via pyrolysis of phenylphenol precursors and their double layer capacitance
EC004 0032 劉豫川 Hsiao-Chien Chen(陳効謙), Chih-Ping Yang(楊織萍), Chun-Chao Chang(張君照), Yu-Chuan Liu(劉豫川)* 臺北醫大 Preparation Mechanism and Application of Innovatively Plasmon-Induced Activated Liquid Water with Reduced Hydrogen-Bonded Structure (3/3)
EC005 0036 謝佳樺 Chien-Hsin Yang(楊乾信)*,Jhen-Wei Wu(吳振維),Chia-Hua Hsien謝佳樺 高雄大學 Anti-Corrosion Characteristics of Trialkoxysilyl-Based Aniline and Titanium Dioxide Nano-Composite Film on Mild Steel Using Spraying Deposition
EC006 0037 黃鞍柏 Chien-Hsin Yang(楊乾信)* , An-Po Huang(黃鞍柏) , Ye-Jun Han(韓頁均) 高雄大學 Electropolymerization of polyaniline/molybdenum oxide on porous titanium dioxide for supercapacitors
EC007 0048 張瑜修 Yu-Hsiu Chang(張瑜修)*, Yu-Hsiang Lin(林玉祥), Nae-Lih Wu(吳乃立) 臺灣大學 Widened Voltage Window for Aqueous Li-ion Batteries with Low Electrolyte Concentrations
EC008 0049 盧昱偉 Hau Lin (林浩) *, Yu-Wei Lu (盧昱偉), Yun-Hsiang Lai (賴允翔) 南臺科大 The Effect of Ratio on Detecting Hydrogen Peroxide for the Carbon Paste Electrode Blended with Ruthenium Hexacyanoferrate
EC009 0050 陳羿宇 Hau Lin (林浩) *, Yi-Yu Chen (陳羿宇), Yun-Hsiang Lai (賴允翔) 南臺科大 The Factorial Effect of Parameters for Detecting Hydrogen Peroxide for the Modified Working Electrode
EC010 0051 楊沛雨 Hau Lin (林浩) *, Pei-Yu Yang (楊沛雨), Yun-Hsiang Lai (賴允翔) 南臺科大 Analysis of Variance of Parameters on Detecting Hydrogen Peroxide for the Working Electrode Blended with Mediator
EC011 0061 方姿雅 Tzu-Ya Fang(方姿雅), Wein-Duo Yang(楊文都)* 高雄科大 High Performance Asymmetric Supercapacitor based on Amorphous MnO2 and Graphene/MWCNT Electrode
EC012 0073 張碩文 I-Hsuan Chang (張翊宣), Shuo-Wen Chang (張碩文), Hung-Chun Keng (耿鴻鈞), Wei-Ping Dow (竇維平)* 中興大學 Electroplating Technology Using Reduced Graphene Oxide as Conductive Layer for PCB Fabrication
EC013 0087 郭俊威 Chi Wang(王琦), Zhi-Bin Zheng(鄭志彬), Jyun-Wei Guo(郭俊威), Mao-Sung Wu(吳茂松)* 高雄科大 Porous carbon/metal oxide composite electrodes derived from metal-organic frameworks for electrochemical energy-storage application
EC014 0106 劉韋承 張嘉叡, 施守謙, 詹侑儒, 周偉龍* 弘光科大 Preparation of TiO2 nano-electrode by electrospinning and its application on the removal of orange II by photoelectron-Fenton technology
EC015 0107 顏瑋 彭筱琪, 顏瑋, 施守謙, 周偉龍* 弘光科大 Development of mediated electrochemical oxidative system for the removal of nitrogen-ammonia wastewater for high-tech industries
EC016 0115 薛昀伊 Chin-Ming Chu (朱錦明)*, Jyun-Miao Lin (林雋淼),  Yun-Yi Xue (薛昀伊) 聯合大學 The Study on Copper Electroplating by One-step and Two-step Process with Different Additives
EC017 0133 吳沛璇 林怡君、楊明長*、吳沛璇 成功大學 On the Oxygen Electrode of Regenerative Fuel Cell
EC018 0144 蔡慧瑩 Yi-Sin Chou(周宜欣), Huai-Ying Tsai(蔡慧瑩)*, Shi-Chern Yen(顏溪成) 臺灣大學 Simulation of the charge process incorporating vanadium crossover in vanadium redox flow battery
EC019 0160 丘曉銓 丘曉銓、王翎軒、江柏諺、吳旻哲、張章平、黃裕仁、葛明德 國防大學 pH-sensitive ink for surface metallization of nylon fibers
EC020 0180 陳奕瑋 Yi-Wei Chen (陳奕瑋), Jia-Xing Wu (吳家興), Sou-Hui Hsiao (蕭受惠), Huey-Ing Chen (陳慧英)* 成功大學 Fabrication of Alkanedithiol Functionalized Schottky-type NOx Sensors
EC021 0194 陳昕嫈 Xin-Ying Chen (陳昕嫈),  An-Chi Huang (黃安麒), Chi-Min Shu (徐啟銘)* 雲林科大 Apply UV sunscreen according to commercial sunscreens to analyze the correlation between breathability and UV resistance
EC022 0198 趙珣如 Chia-Yu Li(李佳諭), Li-Heng Kao(高立衡)*, Syun-Ru Chao(趙珣如), Ting-Zhen Tai(戴廷展),  Chen-Zhen Guo(郭宸蓁) and Wen-Hsian Chiang(江文賢) 高雄科大 Preparation of inkjet printed flexible MOF-derived porous ZnO/CuO gas sensor with low operating temperature
EC023 0200 徐鼎浩 徐鼎浩,劉偉仁* 中原大學 Effects of graphene with different sizes as conductive additives on the electrochemical performance of a NCM cathode
EC024 0201 謝政哲 Cheng-Che Hsieh(謝政哲) and Wei-Ren Liu(劉偉仁)* 中原大學 Surface treatment effects on Si/C composite anode for lithium ion batteries
EC025 0202 徐櫻芳 Ying-Fang Xu(徐櫻芳)*, Jing-Shan Do(杜景順) 勤益科大 Effect of Heat Treatment on the Sensing Properties of Solid-state Planar Amperometric CO Gas Sensor Based on Nafion®/ Porous Pt-Pd/Au(Sputtering)/Al2O3 Electrode
EC026 0213 吳宜臻 Yi-Chen Wu(吳宜臻),Wei-Ren Liu(劉偉仁)* 中原大學 Synthesis of few layer MoSe2 by jet cavitation as anode material for lithium ion batteries
EC027 0219 黃聖丰 Sheng-Feng Huang(黃聖丰) and Lin-Chi Chen(陳林祈)* 臺灣大學 A smart sensing system of solid-state ion-selective electrode
EC028 0228 許雨晴 Yu-Ching,Hsu(許雨晴),Wei-Ren,Lru(劉偉仁)* 中原大學 Preparation and characterization of Si/G/C composite as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
EC029 0234 于子晴 于子晴、王婷儀、段葉芳* 臺北科大 Electro-polymerization functionalized graphene/PEDOT-PSS composite film used in dye-sensitized solar cell
EC030 0250 蔡宜穎 宋隆裕, 蔡宜穎, 洪品涵, 薛康琳 工研院綠能所 Study on the effect of carbon felt compression ratio on the performance of all vanadium redox flow battery
EC031 0261 吳伊敏(Yi-Min Wu) Yi-Min Wu and Lin-Chi Chen* 臺灣大學 The influence of PVC/KCl membrane fabrication on the potential stability of a solid-state Ag/AgCl reference electrode
EC032 0264 Jyun-Wei Huang(黃鈞偉) Pai-Hsiang Cheng (鄭百翔), Jian-Huang Syu (許建皇), Jyun-Wei Huang (黃鈞偉), Chun-Chieh Wang (王俊杰), Ming-Hsien Lin* (林明憲) 國防大學 In Operando X‑ray Imaging Study for Suppression of Dendritic Zinc Electrodeposition in an Alkaline Electrolyte Modified with Polyethylenimine Additive
EC033 0284 尤盈喻 尤盈喻1,
南臺科大 The influence of fabrication of the superhydrophobic surface on 7075 aluminum alloy utilize anodizing and polymeric coating with ultrasound
EC034 0287 王志嘉 Y.C. Luo(羅翊誠)* ,C.C. Wang(王志嘉),P.Y. Wang(王品雅),C.Y. Chiu(邱嘉盈),K.Y. Hung(洪國湧) 中正大學 Fabrication of electrospinning fibers for Zinc-air battery
EC035 0291 賴泱儒 Chi-Wen Lin(林啟文)*,Yang-Ru Lai(賴泱儒), Yu-Wen Huang(黃裕文), Hsin-Hui Lin(林昕卉), Shu-Hui Liu(劉淑惠), 雲林科大 Performance of hollow air-cathode trickling filter-microbial fuel cell with different anode and cathode combinations
EC036 0296 楊振 Chen Yang (楊振), Mei-Jywan Syu (許梅娟)* 成功大學 Investigation on the Development of A Creatinine Sensor
EC037 0297 王慈珮 Tzu-Pei Wang(王慈珮),Chien-Liang Lee(李建良)* 高雄科大 Sonoelectrochemical Preparation of Graphene Oxide with Vacancy Defects as a Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor
EC038 0315 羅婷亞 羅婷亞,吳文昌* 南臺科大 Preparation and analysis of LSO electrolyte for low-temperature solid oxide  fuel cell
EC039 0322 史唯里 Wei-Li Shih, Zhe-Lun Zhang and Lin-Chi Chen* 臺灣大學 Investigation on the Stability of Ion-to-Electron Transfer by the Pre-reduction Process of Prussian Blue
EC040 0344 林柏廷 Po-Ting Lin(林柏廷) and Chi-cheng Chiu*(邱繼正) 成功大學 Molecular Mechanism of Ionic Liquid with Ether-Functionalized Cation for Supercapacitor
EC041 0345 方湛恩 Chan-En Fang(方湛恩), Ken-Yu Chen(陳昆佑), Chi-Cheng Chiu(邱繼正)* 成功大學 Molecular Effects of Functional Polymers at the Cathode Surface of Lithium Ion Battery
EC042 0353 嚴佩宜 Wei-Ren Liu(劉偉仁)*, Pei-Yi Yen(嚴佩宜) 中原大學 Synthesis and characterizations of Li1+xAlxTi2-x(PO4)3 by a hydrothermal reaction
EC043 0362 郭品緯 廖朝光*, 詹佳霖, 郭品緯 元智大學 Investigation of electrochemical reduction of ITO in SiO2 solution using diffusion model simulation
EC045 0371 何正仁 Zhao-Nan Wang(王照楠), Cheng-Jen Ho(何正仁), Ruei-Yuan Lan(藍瑞源), Shu-Yii Wu, Yu-Ching Weng(翁于晴)* 逢甲大學 Pd-coated Electrospun Carbon Nanofiber for Detection of Sulfur Dioxide
EC046 0390 黃鈺斌 董庭伃,黃鈺斌,廖朝光 元智大學 Preparation of different compositions of Cu-Cu2O crystal films using electrochemical deposition
EC047 0396 高維杰 M.Y. Cheng(成孟穎),W.J. Kao(高維杰),H.C. Su(蘇斈誠),W.P. Yang(楊文彬) * 聯合大學 The effect of adsorption parameters of brightener in
copper micro-plating process
EC048 0408 高維杰 B.M. Chen(陳柏銘),M.J. Chung(鍾孟儒),K.C. Huang(黃冠禎),C.Y. Ho(何致彥),Y.C. Guo(郭育成),W. J. Kao(高維杰 ) ,W.P. Yang(楊文彬)* 聯合大學 The morphology study on the filling of chip with various pores for copper micro-plating process.
EC049 0413 羅健睿 Chien-Jui Lo (羅健睿) and Dong-Hwang Chen (陳東煌)* 成功大學 High-performance Co/CoOx@N-rGO bifunctional electrocatalysts derived from Co-based MOFs grown on GO for rechargeable Zn-air batteries
EC050 0419 汪意紘 汪意紘*, 趙君翰, 洪逸明, 吳成有 元智大學 V2O5 etched graphite felt electrode for vanadium redox flow batteries
EC051 0425 林祺欽 Chi-Chin Lin(林祺欽), Chao-Hong Wang(王朝弘)* 中正大學 Reduced Graphite Oxide as Anode Materials of Sodium Ion Batteries
EC052 0456 謝順來 Shun-Lai Xie(謝順來)*, Tzu-Chien Wei(衛子健) 清華大學 Applying Vapor-assisted Solution Process for Aqueous Lead Nitrate Based Perovskite Films
EC053 0464 陳承佑 Cheng-You Chen(陳承佑), YI-Chen Chou(周怡真) and Yung-Sheng Lin(林永昇)* 聯合大學 An impedance sensing chip for detection of substance dispersion
EC054 0471 劉欣嫚 Hsin-Man Liu , Truong-Giang Vo , Chia-Ying Chiang* 臺灣科大 Photochemical deposition of cobalt-based oxygen evolution catalyst on BiVO4 photoanode for highly enhanced solar oxygen production
EC055 0474 王冠婷 Kuan-Ting Wang(王冠婷)* and Tzu-Chien Wei(衛子健) 清華大學 Selective Electroless Deposition on Glass by Sequential Silane-compound Modifications
EC056 0475 蘇子麟 Yu-Chia Chang(張育嘉).Zi-Lin Su(蘇子麟).Mei-Hwa Lee(李玫樺).Hung-Yin Lin(林宏殷)* 高雄大學 Preparation of electrodes with molecularly imprinted poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) coated zinc oxide arrays using hydrothermal synthesis
EC057 0480 羅予晨 Yu-Chen Luo(羅予晨)*, Po-Hsuan Yeh (葉柏瑄), I-Ping Liu(劉一平), Kai-Yi Hung (洪愷憶), Yuh-Lang Lee (李玉郎) 成功大學 A Study of Molecular Adsorption of Thiols and Amines on Gold Surface by Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy
EC058 0483 呂曼寧 Man-Ning Lu*, Yean-San Long, En-Yun Wang, Teng-Chun Wu, Tzu-Chien Wei 清華大學 Impacts of Masking Area on Photovoltaic Performance for Dim-light Dye-Sensitized Cells
EC059 0487 鄭怡欣 Yi-Hsin Cheng(鄭怡欣)*, Tzu-Chien Wei(衛子健) 清華大學 Preliminary Study on Electrodepositing Lead Iodide in Non-toxic Bath for Perovskite Solar Cells
EC060 0498 陳柏瑜 Bo-Yu Chen(陳柏瑜), Tsung-Yi Kuo(郭宗義), Shao-Liang Cheng(鄭紹良)* 中央大學 Fabrication of ordered anodic aluminum oxide nanotemplate and one dimensional Cu metal nanostructure arrays by nanosphere lithography combined with electrochemical deposition
EC061 0501 施曉權 Hio-Kun Si(施曉權),Tzu-Sen Su (蘇子森), Tzu-Chien Wei(衛子健) 清華大學 A Study on Compositional Engineering of FA-major Perovskite System via Two-step Synthesizing Route 
EC062 0502 陳鈺穎 Yu-Ying Chen* (陳鈺穎), Tzu-Chien Wei(衛子健) 清華大學 Optimization of the sequential spin-coating method and its limitation toward Large-Area Perovskite Solar Cells
EC063 0503 蘇子森 Tzu-Sen Su(蘇子森)*, Tzu-Chien Wei (衛子健) 清華大學 Co-electrodeposition of Tin-doped TiO2 films as an electron-transporting layer for efficient perovskite solar cells
EC064 0509 林書伭 Wan-Chin Yu(余琬琴)*、You-Cheng Chen(陳宥成)、Shu-Shiuan Lin(林書伭) 臺北科大 Application of In-doped ZnO nanocrystallite aggregates as photoanode materials for dye-sensitized solar cells
EC065 0517 Tsung-Yu Hsieh Tsung-Yu Hsieha (謝宗育)*, Emilio Palomares, Tzu-Chien Wei (衛子健) 清華大學 Comparison of Photophysics Behaviors between Pb(NO3)2- and PbI2-based Perovskite Solar Cells
EC066 0524 Wei-Yen Wang (王偉彥) Wei-Yen Wang (王偉彥)* and Tzu-Chien Wei (衛子健) 清華大學 A Bifunctional Organic Copper Diffusion Barrier Layer on SiO2/Si Wafer Using Polymer Capped Palladium Nanoclusters
EC067 0534 Vinh Son Nguyen Vinh Son Nguyen, Yogesh Tingare, Hsien-Hsin Chou, Chen-Yu Yeh, Tzu-Chien Wei 清華大學 Improving mass transport capability of mesoporous TiO2 film for bulky copper-based electrolyte in dye-sensitized solar cells
EC068 0539 林士羽 Yin-YingChen, Periyathambi Dhaiveegan, Monika Michalska,  Shih-Yu Lin, Jeng-Yu Lin* 大同大學 Morphology-controlled synthesis of nanosphere-like NiCo2S4 as cathode materials for high-rate asymmetric supercapacitors
EC069 0544 林雅涵 Lijun Su, Yaoming Xiao*, Yahan Lin(林雅涵), Gaoyi Han, Jeng-Yu Lin(林正裕)* 大同大學 One-step hydrothermal synthesis of feather duster-like NiS@MoS2 with hierarchical array structure for the Pt-free dye-sensitized solar cell
EC070 0545 Duc-Anh Le Duc-Anh Le, Tzu-Chien Wei 清華大學 Challenges on Using Lead Acetate Precursor in Two-step Process for Preparing Quality MAPbI3 Perovskite Film
EC071 0547 Yu-Chieh Liu (劉宇傑) Yu-Chieh Liu (劉宇傑)*, Tzu-Chien Wei (衛子健) 清華大學 Improving HTM Infiltration in Solid-state Dye Sensitized Solar Cell by Pre-heating TiO2 Electrode
EC072 0553 Wei-Jie Syu(許維捷) Wei-Jie Syu(許維捷), Jing-Huei Wang(王景輝), Shao-Ying Huang(黃少盈), Shih-Han Wang(王詩涵)* 雲林科大 Supercritical Fluid Synthesized Graphene-Nanocomposite for Low Concentration Ammonia Sensing
EC073 0555 Cheng-Lan Lin (林正嵐) Cheng-Lan Lin (林正嵐), Ju-Yu Yeh (葉如玉) 淡江大學 Enhancing the Electrocatalytic Performance toward Methanol Oxidation Reactions using Platinum Nanoparticles Supported on Silica-Modified Carbon Black
EC074 0559 林邵印 Lin S.Y. (林邵印), Tsai Y.H. (蔡宜宏), Lin J.Y. (林正裕)*, Lin C.H. (林長華), Lu S.B. (盧紹賓), Chen C.F. (陳昭甫) 大同大學 Development of electrode materials in direct-current resistivity technique for exploration of gas hydrate
EC075 0560 賴彥宏 Yan-Hong Lai (賴彥宏),  Yung-Sen Lin(林永森) 逢甲大學 A Study on Preparation,Electrochemical Properties and Lithium Conduction Mechanism of FeTaOxCy Thin Film by Low temperature Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
EC076 0563 李九龍 Jeou-Long Lee(李九龍),*、Wei-Cheng Li(李偉誠)、Shu-Chin Chu(褚淑菁)、Ding-Lian Wu(吳定濂)、Shu-Ling Chen(陳淑齡) 龍華科大 3D Printed Titanium Alloy Treated by Electropolishing and Microarc Oxidation Methods
EC077 0564 康鐘元 Periyathambi Dhaiveegan1 & Hao-Ting Peng1 & Monika Michalska2 & Yaoming Xiao3 & Jeng-Yu Lin1* & Chien-Kuo Hsieh4 大同大學 Investigation of carbon coating approach on electrochemical performance of Li4Ti5O12/C composite anodes for high-rate lithium-ion batteries
EC078 0565 吳承諺 Cheng-Yan Wu(吳承諺)* and Yung-Sen Lin(林永森) 逢甲大學 Enhance Surface Anti-Scratch of Flexible Carbon Fiber Sheets by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma-Polymerized Silicon oxide Thin Films
EC079 0567 李九龍 Jeou-long Lee(李九龍),*、Yu-Chin Wu(吳有晉)、Yi-Hao Li(李御豪)、Siao-Ha Wu(吳曉豪)、(Nan-Hao Lin)林楠皓 龍華科大 Fabricate the Antibacterial Zinc Ceramic Coatings on Titanium Alloy by Pulsed Bipolar Micro-Arc Oxidation
EC080 0583 曾山智美、劉一平 I-Ping Liu (劉一平), Chih-Mei Tseng-Shan (曾山智美), Wei-Hsun Lin (林韡勳), Yuh-Lang Lee (李玉郎)* 成功大學 A Blocking Layer Effect on the Indoor Performance of Cobalt-Mediated Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
EC081 0584 顧智瑋 Zhi-Wei Gu(顧智瑋) , Yung-Sen Lin(林永森) 逢甲大學 A Study on enhanced Lithium-ion conductivity using flexible-transparent-thermosetting-polymer solid electrolyte membranes
EC082 0585 陳瑞弘 Jui-Hung Chen (陳瑞弘) , Yung-Sen Lin(林永森) 逢甲大學 Enhance Surface Hardness of Aluminum substrates By Atmospheric Pressure Plasma-Polymerized Organosilicon oxynitride Films
EC083 0591 施昶鵬 Chang-Peng Shih1,Jeng-Yu Lin1,Tsung-Wu Lin2*,Thangarasu Sadhasivam2,Ai-Yin Wang2,Ting-Yu Chen2 ,and Li-Dong Shao3, 大同大學 Ternary Composite Nanosheets with MoS2/WS2/Graphene Heterostructures as High‐Performance Cathode Materials for Supercapacitors
EC084 0594 黃廷軒 林正裕 大同大學 Improved electrochemical performance of LiMn2O4 cathode material by Ce doping
EC085 0598 朱慶騰 朱慶騰,李伯毅,林正裕* 大同大學 Atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 on LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 for lithium-ion battery
EC086 0613 鄭博元 Po-yuan Cheng, Heng-Yi Cheng, and Shih-Yuan Lu* 清華大學 N-doped Hierarchical Porous Carbon Nanostructure for High Performance Flexible Gel-Type Supercapacitors
EC087 0614 蔡東霖 蔡東霖,曾俊傑,翁麗雯,王躍鈞,王珮驊, 金屬工業研究發展中心 鈦金屬積層製造應用電化學後處理技術研究與探討
EC088 0618 陳麒安 陳麒安,呂家欣,李佳諭,簡順億,許宏華,黃裕仁,葛明德 國防大學 不同電源備製鎂鋰合金微弧氧化鍍層耐蝕性之研究
. 輸送現象及分離技術
地點:大禮堂迴廊  展示時間: 13:30-16:00 (11/9)
報告編號 論文編號 報告作者 共同作者 單位 論文題目
TP001 0001 劉柏鈞 Chang Y.I.*,
 Liu B.C.
東海大學 The correlation equation on predicting the filter coefficient ratio of Brownian particles when the diffusiophoresis effect is considered (Part 1)
TP002 0030 蘇至善 Chia-Yi Lee, Chie-Shaan Su* 臺北科大 Design of continuous sonocrystallization process and production of microparticle of mefenamic acid
TP003 0074 周容萱 Jung-Hsuan Chou*, Pei-Tzu Yang, Bing-Hung Chen 成功大學 Optimization of Enhancing Extraction Process of Tea Tree Oil by Hydrodistillation with Tween 20
TP004 0079 李篤中 Bo-Syuang Kang, Yin-Run Chang, Duu-Jong Lee* 台灣大學 Use of immobilized Prussian blue nanoparticles for removal of dissolved cesium ions from water
TP005 0081 Zih-Ying Huang Zih-Ying Huang, Ru-Wen Cai, Fu Chen and Li-Hsien Yeh,* 雲林科大 Electrokinetic Energy Conversion with Alumina Nanochannels: Influences of Salt Concentration and Channel Length
TP006 0082 Ru-Wen Cai Ru-Wen Cai, Zih-Ying Huang, Wen-Hung Lan and Li-Hsien Yeh,* 雲林科大 Heterogeneous Nanochannels with pH-Regulated Ionic Rectification
TP007 0086 游佳憲 Jia-Xian You, Kuan-Lin Yeh, and Tu Lee* 中央大學 Intensified crystallization processes for 1:1 drug-drug co-crystals of sulfathiazole-theophylline, and sulfathiazole-sulfanilamide
TP008 0097 趙奕涵 Yi-Han Chao, Yi-Je Juang* 成功大學 Conformal coating of particles using serpentine SAW microchips
TP009 0111 劉哲呈 Che-Cheng Liu and Hsien-Hung Wei* 成功大學 Electrokinetically Trapping by STM Tip and Its Application to Facilitate FRET Molecular Sensing
TP010 0112 洪嘉良 Jia-Liang Hong and Hsien-Hung Wei* 成功大學 Synergistic Nano Trapping Effects Using Conducting Microwire and Microparticle
TP011 0120 王瑀 Yu Wang,
Yi-Je Juang*
成功大學 One-step hot microembossing for fabrication of paper based microfluidics
TP012 0122 林承翰 Tzung-Han Chou*, Chia-Hua Liang, Chien-Tzu Yang, Cheng-Han Lin 雲林科大 Development and evaluation of kokum butter- and candelilla wax- solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN)
TP013 0123 林承翰 Tzung-Han Chou*, Chia-Hua Liang, Cheng-Han Lin, Chien-Tzu Yang 雲林科大 Characteristics of mixed hydrogenated soy phosphatidylcholine/palmitoyl glycyl-histidyl-lysine nano-aggregates investigated by a multi-technique approach
TP014 0140 Sheng-Chuan Wang Jia-Wen Ke, Sheng-Chuan Wang, Ruey-Shin Juang* 長庚大學 Preparation of Porous Mixed-Matrix Membranes via Non-solvent Induced Phase Inversion for the Clearance of Small Uremic Toxins from Simulated Serum
TP015 0159 Shao-Hua Lee (李芍樺) Chien-Shun Chang, Shao-Hua Lee, Hong-sung Yang, Cheng-tung Chou* 中央大學 Simulation Study of Separating Oxygen from Air by PSA with Semicylindrical Adsorber
TP016 0189 Hung-Wei Chang (張洪維) Chih-Chang Chang, Tao-Ming Chang, Hung-Wei Chang, Ruey-Jen Yang 高雄師大 Proton/Ion Transport in Graphene Oxide Membranes
TP017 0215 刑悅仁 Che-Chun Liao, Lie-Ding Shiau* 長庚大學 The effects of impurity on the growth kinetics and the final purity of para-xylene crystal layer in solid-layer melt crystallization
TP018 0225 Cheng-Yang Wang(王承洋) Heng-Kwong Tsao*, Yu-Jane Sheng, Cheng-Yang Wang 中央大學 Self-propelled droplets driven by slow solubilization
TP019 0231 楊令琇 Ling-Hsiu Yang, An-Ni Huang, Hsiu-Po Kuo* 長庚大學 The Effect of the Inlet Gas Velocity on the Cyclone Pressure Drop and Separation Efficiency
TP020 0266 Chu-Yun Zheng Yuan-Chi Kung , Tsai-Feng Hsu, Chu-Yun Zheng,  Hong-Sung Yang, Cheng-Tung Chou* 中央大學 Concentrating Carbon Dioxide from Syngas after Oxy-fuel Combustion by Pressure Swing Adsorption Process
TP021 0305 Pei Chi Lai (賴佩琪) De Ting Luo, Yen Cheng Huang, Pei Chi Lai, and Wen Tung Cheng* 中興大學 Study on Thermal Flow Behavior in Tundish during Casting through CFD Associated with Taguchi Method
TP022 0336 翁至宏 Jhin-Hong, Wong, Ying-Jun, Zhou, Yu-Shao Chen* 中原大學 Characteristics of Mixing in a Spinning Disk Reactor and Its Applications for Fast Exothermic Chemical Reaction
TP023 0339 李致廷 Chih-Ting Lee, Wan-Yi Hsu, An-Ni Huang, Hsiu-Po Kuo* 長庚大學 A Numerical Study of a Biomass Fluidized Bed Pyrolyzer
TP024 0340 傅品儒 Pin-Ju Fu, Tzu-Jung Chen and Yu-Shao Chen* 中原大學 Experimental and Simulation studies on the Heat Transfer Characteristics in a Spinning Disk Reactor
TP025 0355 梁智鈞 Chin-Chun Liang, Ting-Yu Liu, Yi-Feng Lin* 中原大學 Synthesis of Meso-microporous AlBTC Metal organic Aerogel/CS Mixed Matrix Membranes for Alcohol Dehydration
TP026 0358 張翠婷 Cui-Ting Zhang, Jia-Ling Gu, Yi-Feng Lin* 中原大學 Electrospinning Preparation of Hydrophobic Polydimethylsiloxane/Poly(methyl methacrylate) Fibrous Membranes for Carbon Dioxide Capture
TP027 0361 陳彥文 Yan-Wen Chen, Chang-Yu Wu, Yi-Feng Lin* 中原大學 Preparation of SiO2 Aerogel and Composite SiO2 Aerogel /CS Membranes for Pervaporation Separation of Water/Butanol Mixtures
TP028 0366 劉忠億 Chih-Hsin Shih, Chia-Chin Chang, Chung-Yi Liu* 逢甲大學 Centrifugal Viscometer
TP029 0381 邱顯隆 Hsien-Lung Chiu, Ying-Chih Liao 臺灣大學 Stability Analysis of Printed Liquid Patterns on Curvilinear Surfaces
TP030 0385 Phuong-Thao Nguyen Thao Phuong Nguyen, Yu-Jane Sheng, and Heng-Kwong Tsao* 中央大學 Stress-Driven Separation of Surfactant Stabilized Emulsions by Superhydrophobic/Superoleophilic Meshes
TP031 0397 Xi-Xuan Huang Xi-Xuan Huang, Heng-Kwong Tsao* 中央大學 Investigation of  the formation and viscoelastic properties of gel-emulsion
TP032 0399 朱罡慶 Kang-Ching Chu, Yu-Jane Sheng and Heng-Kwong Tsao* 中央大學 Penetration dynamic through nanometer-scale hydrophilic capillaries: Extended menisci and beyond Washburn’s equation
TP033 0402 Chu-Yun Huang (黃楚雲) Hsiu-Yu Yu*, Chu-Yun Huang 臺灣大學 Structure and Dynamics of Nanoscale Ionic Materials Studied Using Molecular Dynamics
TP034 0403 鍾學德 Hsiu-Yu Yu*, Hsueh-Te Chung 臺灣大學 The Effect of Membrane Fluctuations on the Adhesion of a Brownian Particle to Cell
TP035 0422 蔣奕敬 Chih-Hsin Shih, Yi-Jing Jiang* 逢甲大學 Compound purification on the Centrifugal platform
TP036 0440 饒期喻 Shing-Yi Suen, Chi-Yu Jao 中興大學 Effect of Membrane Pore Structure on the Performance of Membrane Emulsification
TP037 0466 邱天保 Tien-Pao Chiu, Wen-Wen Wang, Yi-Feng Lin* 中原大學 Fluorine-free and Hydrophobic Organic/Inorganic Nanofibrous Membranes for Carbon Dioxide Absorption
TP038 0472 Wei-Ting Chen Wen-Chen Chien*, Ching-Hsiang Li, Wei-Ting Chen 明志科大 Preparation of LiFePO4/Carbon Cathode Materials by Microwave-assisted Method
TP039 0505 Yen-Shao Su Yen-Shao Suand Li-Hsien Yeh* 臺灣科大 Regulating Direction of Ionic Rectification by Introducing Bioinspired pH Gradient in Branch-Type Alumina Nanochannels
TP040 0506 陳彥齊 Yen-Chi Chen and Ying-Chih Liao 臺灣大學 Printed Paper-based Device for Ionic Strength Sensing
TP041 0512 王萱 Hsuan Wang, Tung-Hsin Cheng, An-Ni Huang, Hsiu-Po Kuo* 長庚大學 The Effect of the Location of Axial Motion Blocking Ring on the Segregation Patterns in a Rotating Drum
TP042 0538 劉益承 Yi-Cheng Liu, Ying-Hui Chen, Yen-Shao Su, Li-Hsien Yeh, Kevin C.-W. Wu* 臺灣大學 Synthesis of Continuous UiO-66-NH2 on Anodic Aluminum Oxide Substrates
TP043 0606 黃冠勳 Allen Huang, Liang-Hsun Chen, Kuo-Lun Tung* 臺灣大學 Fabrication of omniphobic inorganic membranes: towards the efficient carbon dioxide capture and membrane distillation process in extremely harsh salty
TP044 0607 陳珮鵑 Pei-Chuan, Chen, Tong-Yang, Hsu and Kuo-Lun, Tung* 臺灣大學 Simulation of Novel Hollow Fiber Membrane for the Removal of Ultrafine Particles
TP045 0608 林耕生 Jingling Yang1, Geng-Sheng Lin2, Chung-Yuan Mou1*, Kuo-Lun Tung2* 臺灣大學 Ultrahigh-flux Mesoporous Silica Thin Membrane with Vertical Channel for Selective Molecular Separation
TP046 0609 甘家齊 Chia-Chi Kan1, Allen Huang1, Dung-Yue Su2, Feng-Yu Tsai2,* and Kuo-Lun Tung1,* 臺灣大學 ZnO nanoarchitecture-designed mesh film enabled by atomic layer deposition for oil/water separation
TP047 0615 柯家傑 Chia-Chieh Ko1, Kuo-Lun Tung1,* and Enrico Drioli2, 3, 4, 5 臺灣大學 A study of hydrophobic ceramic membrane: Application in vacuum membrane distillation and membrane crystallization
TP048 0616 蘇子喬 T.C. Su, C.Y. Lin, and J.P. Hsu 臺灣大學 Power generation from a pH-regulated nanochannel through reverse electrodialysis: Effect of nanochannel geometry
TP049 0620 楊振杰 Zhen Jie Yang1, Chi-Sen Wang1, Yi Feng Lin2* 中原大學 Fluorocarbon-modified Electrospun PVDF/Siloxane Nanofibrous Membranes with Long-Term Continuous CO2 Absorption Performance
. 材料在化工上的應用
地點:大禮堂迴廊  展示時間: 9:00-11:05 (11/10)
報告編號 論文編號 報告作者 共同作者 單位 論文題目
MC001 0013 李芮彣 Guan-Wei Chen (陳冠崴), Ruei-Wen Li (李芮彣) and Dah-Shyang Tsai (蔡大翔)* 臺灣科大 Origin of the p-type and n-type behavior of PEO coating on aluminum alloy
MC002 0019 余梓睿 Tzu-Jui Yu(余梓睿)* 明志科大 Material Synthesis and Characterization of Room Temperature Phase Separation Ionic Liquid
MC003 0023 郭子寧 Pei-chia Lo(羅珮嘉)、Tzu-ning Kuo(郭子寧)*、Anbalagan Ramakrishnan、Sinn-wen chen(陳信文) 清華大學 Phase diagrams of ternary Al-Co-Cu and Al-Co-Ni systems with quasicrystals
MC004 0033 Baskar Selvaraj Baskar Selvaraj (巴斯卡), Nae-Lih Wu (吳乃立)* 臺灣大學 Introducing A Fracture-Free Bulk Antimony Anode for Na-Ion and Li-Ion Battery Applications
MC005 0035 陳俊宏 Chien-Hsin Yang(楊乾信)*,Cheng-Chun Chou(周政均)*,Chun-Hung Chen (陳俊宏) 高雄大學 Photocured Chemical-Composition-Gradient Quantum Dot–Ultrahigh Molecular-Weight Acrylic Acrylate Oligomer Hybrid Films for Highly Stable White Light Emitting Diodes
MC006 0042 楊芝寧賴羿宏 Jin-Ling Han(韓錦鈴)*,Zhi-Ning Yang(楊芝寧),Yi-Hong Lai(賴羿宏) 宜蘭大學 Pomelo Fiber/PU (PPG1000) Crosslinked Epoxy Bio-Composites
MC007 0044 李珮君 Pei-Chun Li(李珮君) ,Yi-Xiu Chen(陳怡秀) , Hongta Yang(楊宏達)* 中興大學 Conductive Broadband Antireflective Coatings on Polymeric Substrates
MC008 0053 李松達 韓錦鈴*、李松達、楊子綾、陳盈璇、郭士豪 宜蘭大學 Pomelo Fiber/PU (PPG2000) Crosslinked Epoxy Bio-Composites
MC009 0057 呂奕承 Hongta Yang*,Yi-Cheng Lu,Chien-Hua Pan 中興大學 Mechamochromic Macroporous Photonic Crystals by Doctor Blade Coating
MC010 0058 陳克宜 陳克宜*、楊順傑、彭嘉祥、童啟哲 塑膠工業技術發展中心 Study on Mechanical properties of Easy Tear Modified Low-density Polyethylene Films
MC011 0068 侯瑋晟 石燕鳳*, 王志宏,侯瑋晟 朝陽科大 Technological development of recycling wastes from brewing industry for high value-added application of shape-stabilized composite phase change material
MC012 0076 雷之維 Chih-Wei, Lei, Hongta Yang* 中興大學 Octopus Inspired Nanosucker Array For Adhesion
MC013 0078 張詠婷 Bing-Han Wu(吳秉翰),Chih-Chieh Wang(王致捷),Yong-Ting Chang(張詠婷)* 宜蘭大學 The effect of the molecular weight on the properties of polyurethane dispersion.
MC014 0084 林貫雲 Kuan Yun Lin, Chih Lin Wang, Kuan Lin Yeh, Chih Wei Chen, Yun Lee, Hung Lin Lee, Tu Lee* 中央大學 A quick-fix design of phase change material by particle blending and spherical agglomeration
MC015 0091 劉宗宏 劉宗宏,*, 鄭筑尹, 羅國瑋, 朱良 明志科大 High Quality of Ordered Mesoporous Carbons Prepared from Recovery of E-waste as a Silica Template Source
MC016 0100 鄭仲杰 Yu-Hsun Nien(粘譽薰) Li-Hieh Chou(周立杰) Cheng-Han Wu(吳承翰) Gang-Chu Fan(范綱竹) Tsung-Chia Cheng(鄭仲杰)* Kai-Wen Chan(詹凱雯) Jian-Li Chen(陳建利) 雲林科大 Methyl Methacrylate/Acrylic Acid/Graphene Oxide to prepare Complex Materials to Modify Bone Cement and Its Properties Research
MC017 0104 陳信宏 Hsin-Hung Chen(陳信宏), Fong-Yu Yen(顏豐裕) and Wen-Hua Chen(陳文華)* 核能研究所 Recovery Process of Organosolv Lignin from Hardwood
MC018 0124 蔡志杰 Chih-Chieh Tsai(蔡志杰), Yi-Je Juang(莊怡哲) * 成功大學 Wet etching of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) micropillars for construction of superhydrophobic surface
MC019 0136 楊涴婷 Fang-Yi Yen(顏芳儀),Sheng1-Chao Tsai(蔡昇釗),Wan-Tyng Yang(楊涴婷),Tung-Wen Cheng(鄭東文)* 淡江大學 A Study on Manufacturing Polyvinylidene Fluoride Mixed-Matrix Membranes for Air Separation
MC020 0137 陳彥宏 Yi-Chun Lin(林怡君), Cong-Yi Zhang(張聰譯), Yeng-Hung Chen(陳彥宏), Kuo-Jen Hwang(黃國楨), Tung-Wen Cheng(鄭東文)* 淡江大學 Effect of Preparation Conditions on Inorganic Membranes for Droplet Formation by Membrane Emulsification.
MC021 0138 楊哿忻 Ke-Hsin Yang(楊哿忻), Jo-Shan Cheng(鄭若姍), Ming-Jen Chen(陳明仁)*, Ting-Wei Chang(張庭瑋) and Chin-Feng Chan(詹錦豐)* 弘光科大 Synthesis and evaluation of kojic acid-trithiocarbonate derivatives on inhibition of tyrosinase activity and melanine pigmentation
MC022 0145 黃晨洋 Chen-yang Huang(黃晨洋),  Guo-hui Wu(吳國輝)*,  Zhe-zhen Wang(王哲釧), Shi-xian Wang(王世賢) 國防大學 Influence of resin emulsion on the adhesion of water-based ink
MC023 0161 柯淇鏵 Yuan Rong Jiang, Yu Hsiu Chiu, Hung Lin Lee, Tu Lee* ,Chi Hua Ko 中央大學 Thermal Properties and Structural Characterizations of New Types of Phase Change Material Anhydrous and Hydrated Palmitic Acid/Camphene Solid Dispersions
MC024 0164 童倍萱 Pei-Hsuan Tung (童倍萱), Feng-Min Yeh (葉峰閩), Bin Laiwang (賴王彬), Chi-Min Shu (徐啟銘)* 雲林科大 Evaluation of the influence of lithium tetrafluoroborate on the thermal stability of three 10W50 engine oils
MC025 0168 王翎軒 王翎軒、丘曉銓、江柏諺、張章平、葛明德* 國防大學 Study of ionic catalyst ink metallization characteristics  on polyimine film
MC026 0170 呂婉瑜 Wan-Yu Lu (呂婉瑜), Xin-Ying Chen (陳昕嫈),  An-Chi Huang (黃安麒), Chi-Min Shu (徐啟銘)* 雲林科大 Stability evaluation of perfume fixatives with the top note's lavender oil by thermal analysis approach
MC027 0176 林彥儒 Yan-Ru Lin (林彥儒), Chechia Hu (胡哲嘉)* 中原大學 N,N-Dimethylacrylamide Derived Hydrogel with Nonmetal Doped g-C3N4 for Photocatalysis
MC028 0183 許峻維 鍾賢龍*, 林雨村, 王煜德, 許峻維, 吳旭斌 成功大學 BN Anti-corrosion Coating For Silicon Crystal Growth Industries
MC029 0188 黃文鍵 Wen-Chien Huang (黃文鍵), Chih-Wei Tsai (蔡志偉), Kuo-Hui Wu (吳國輝)*, Je-Chuang Wang (王哲釧), Chen-Yang Huang (黃晨洋) and Xin-Hung Liu (劉信宏) 國防大學 Poly(tricycloalkyl methacrylate) copolymer containing adamantyl and tricycloalkyl moieties : Characterization of thermal,  dielectric and optical properties
MC030 0190 TZU-TE Lin (林賜德) TZU-TE Lin (林賜德), Hung-Hua Sheu (許宏華), Ming-Hsien Lin (林明憲), Ming-Der Ger (葛明德) 國防大學 In-situ phase transformation of chromium-carbon alloy coating during heating by synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction
MC031 0191 Wei-Chen Chiang (江偉呈) Hung-Hua Sheu (許宏華), Wei-Chen Chiang (江偉呈), Yu-Hao Chen (陳玉浩), Yen-Chung Chen (陳彥仲), Ker-Jer Huang (黃文科), Tung-Chun Wu (黃文科), Hui-Chun Wang (王惠君) 國防大學 Synthesis of boron carbide using sol-gel and pyrolysed methods.
MC032 0192 劉寬仁 沈書維 劉寬仁, 沈書維* 塑膠工業技術發展中心 Mechanical Properties Research after Tempering Procedure of High Crystallized Polyester Plastics
MC033 0193 褚皓偉 Hau-Wei Chu(褚皓偉) 東海大學 Exploring the removal rates of heavy metal by potassium ferrate (VI) in different environments
MC034 0197 陳冠廷 Guan-Ting Chen (陳冠廷), Yi-Hong Chung (鍾易宏), Chi-Min Shu (徐啟銘)* 雲林科大 Thermal stability analysis of the benzotriazole as the electrolyte additive
MC035 0199 支耀崧 Tai-Yi Hsu (許泰億), Yao-Sung Chih (支耀崧), Jin-Shuh Li (李金樹), Tsung-Mao Yang (楊琮貿), Kai-Tai Lu (陸開泰), Tsao-Fa Yeh (葉早發), Chyi-Ching Hwang (黃其清)* 國防大學 Synthesis of Polymethylcarbosilane for Preparing Silicon Carbide Fibers
MC036 0204 林睿琦 Jui-Chi Lin (林睿琦), Hsin-Lung Chen (陳信龍)* 清華大學 Phase Behavior and Crystallization Behavior of Double Crystalline Blend of Poly(vinyl alcohol) and Poly(ethylene glycol)
MC037 0205 宋昊 Hao Sung(宋昊)*, Chien-Shiun Liao(廖建勛) 元智大學 Chemical method for growth of Zinc Oxide Nanowires on Carbon Fiber
MC038 0206 李建毅 Shu-Hsien Huang*, Chien-Yi Li, Kueir-Rarn Lee, Juin-Yih Lai 宜蘭大學 Interfacially Polymerized Polyurea-Silica Composite Membrane for Tetrahydrofuran Dehydration
MC039 0208 陳玟惠 Wen-Hui Chen (陳玟惠), Ching Tsung Yu(余慶聰)*, Chien-Hung Chen(陳建宏), Huan-Ting Kuo(郭奐廷), Han-Wen Cheng(鄭涵文) 核能研究所 Preparation and characterization of CaO sorbents assisted Ni-based catalysts
MC040 0210 Antoine Venault (費安東) Ching-Hsueh Chiang (江慶學) and Antoine Venault (費安東)* 中原大學 Poly(vinylidene fluoride)/graphene oxide membranes for gravity-driven and switchable oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsion separation
MC041 0233 蘇子其 Li-Heng Kao(高立衡)* 高雄科大 Study on Anti-corrosion Performance of Functional Graphene/Epoxy Resin Nanocomposites
MC042 0235 黃仲德 黃仲德1、阮文誌1、楊勝俊2*、段葉芳1* 臺北科大 Synthesis and Design of Functional Hyperbranched Materials
MC043 0237 何慧玲 何慧玲、葉德培、段葉芳* 臺北科大 TiO2 modified by silane coupling agent as an acrylate additive
MC044 0238 郭家齊 郭家齊、張晉睿、段葉芳* 臺北科大 Preparation and Properties of Modified Titanium Dioxide/Epoxy Resin Composites
MC045 0241 黃榮宏 黃榮宏、劉師維、段葉芳* 臺北科大 Study of modified Chitosan by arylbenzoylation supply to disperse graphene
MC046 0247 高逸丞 高逸丞、陳奕廷、段葉芳* 臺北科大 Use silicon dioxide modified by silane coupling agent as waterborne polyurethane additive
MC047 0248 葉庭安 Yen-Zeng Wang,Chen,Kai-Han,Ting-An Ye 雲林科大 Studies on Low Smoke and Flame Retardant Properties of  Composites Containing Layered Structure
MC048 0257 陳建宇 Jian-Yu Chen(陳建宇)* and Chih-Sung Ho(何志松) 東海大學 Study of alumina particles modified epoxy resins
MC049 0265 周俐慧 Li-Hui Chou (周俐慧), and Cheng-Liang Liu (劉振良)* 中央大學 Ultrasonic spray-coated multilayer perovskite solar cells with active-area of 1 cm2 fabricated in ambient air.
MC050 0267 林珈琪 Chia-Chi Lin(林珈琪), Chang-Hui Cho(卓長輝), Ming-Chou Chen(陳銘洲), and Cheng-Liang Liu(劉振良)* 中央大學 Solution-Shearing of Selenylated Bithiophene(SeBT)-Based Small Molecular Semiconductors for High-Performance Organic Thin-Film Transistors
MC051 0270 游芷欣 Chih-Hsin Yu(游芷欣), Cheng-Shiun Chen(陳政勳), Chang-Hui Cho(卓長輝), Ming-Chou Chen(陳銘洲)* ,Cheng-Liang Liu(劉振良)* 中央大學 Solution-Sheared 5H,5'H-[2,2'-bitiophenylidene] -5,5'-diylidene) dimalononitrile (TSBTQ)-Based Quinoidal n-type Small Molecules:Tuning the length of Alkyl Side Chain toward a High-Performance Organic Field-Effect Transistor
MC052 0294 陳永信 陳永信*, 吳和生 元智大學 Study on Thermodynamic Properties of ABS Blended with Lignin
MC053 0307 林弘庾 Hong-Yu Lin (林弘庾), hsiu-wen Chien (簡秀紋)* 高雄科大 A super-hydrophilic anti-fog/anti-frost coating on lenses by photo-induced graft polymerization of SBMA
MC054 0308 陳宜慶 Yi-Ching Chen (陳宜慶), Kun-Qi Kin (林錕琦), Shao-Liang Cheng (鄭紹良)* 中央大學 Fabrication of cone-like Ni/c-Si Schottky structure arrays by nanosphere lithography and metal-assisted catalytic etching and their near-infrared detection properties.
MC055 0313 林冠佑 Guan-You Lin (林冠佑), Hsiu-Wen Chien (簡秀紋)* 高雄科大 A catalytic activity of green synthesis of silver nanoparticles by spent plastic water bottles/coffee ground composite
MC056 0323 陳羿綸 Mei-Chin Chen(陳美瑾)*, Yi-Lun Chen(陳羿綸), Guo-Yuan He(何國淵) 成功大學 Sustained release of NO donors from PLGA microparticles for primary osteoporosis treatment
MC057 0324 Hui-Hsuan Hsu Hui-Hsuan Hsu , Yu-Hsun Nien*, Jung-Chuan Chou, Chih-Hsien Lai, Po-Yu Kuo and Huang-Hua Chen
雲林科大 Enhanced Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Performance by Modification of Photoanodes with ZrO2/TiO2 Nanofibers
MC058 0325 陳威翔 Wei-Hsing Chen(陳威翔),Yu-Wei Su(蘇昱瑋) * 逢甲大學 Preparation and property analysis of zinc oxide thin films by chemical bath deposition
MC059 0331 鄭庭宇 Ting-Yu Cheng(鄭庭宇), Pankaj Doshi, Ying-Chih Liao(廖英志)* 臺灣大學 Microwave Gelatinization Process for 3D Printed Tablets Forming
MC060 0333 程偉丞 Wei-Cheng Cheng ,  Wei-Ren Liu * 中原大學 Improved the thermal conductivity of epoxy via adding exfoliated-hexagonal boron nitride synthesized by jet cavitation method
MC061 0347 陳柔安 Rou-An Chen(陳柔安), Wei-Ren Lei(劉偉仁)* 中原大學 Synthesis and Luminescent Properties of Novel White Phosphorus Phosphor Sr8MgGa(PO4)7:Eu2+ for White-Emitting Diodes
MC062 0348 李哲誠 Liang-Yih Chen* (陳良益), Zhe-Cheng Li (李哲誠) 臺灣科大 The Strategy for Improving the Performance of Green and Red Cesium Lead Halide Quantum Dots
MC063 0349 蔡璨鴻 Liang-Yih Chen(陳良益)*, Tsan-Hung Tsai(蔡璨鴻), Sung-Yang Lin(林頌揚), Wei-Hsin Tien(田維欣) 臺灣科大 The Study of Perovskite Quantum Dots Synthesized by Micro-fluidic Channel Chip
MC064 0352 謝孟霖 Wei-Ren Liu (劉偉仁)*,  Meng-Lin Hsieh (謝孟霖) 中原大學 Facile synthesis, photoluminescence properties and applications of carbon quantum dots
MC065 0356 梁智鈞 梁智鈞(Chin-Chun Liang),林詠傑(Yong-Jie Lin),林義峯(Yi-Feng Lin)* 中原大學 Amino Group Modification of Al-Mg-O Aerogels for Carbon Dioxide/Propylene Oxide Cycloaddition Reaction
MC066 0359 張翠婷 張翠婷(Cui-Ting Zhang),簡宏叡(Hung-Jui Chien),林義峯(Yi-Feng Lin)* 中原大學 Synthesis CuFe2O4 Spinel Aerogel Apply in Advanced Oxidation Processes for the Removal of Organic Dye
MC067 0372 張家馨 Wei-Ren Liu(劉偉仁)* 中原大學 Structural Design of Three-Dimensional Graphene/Nano Filler and Its Application in Carbon Conduction
MC068 0374 陳俊宇 Chun-Yu Chen(陳俊宇), Bi-Sheng Huang(黃必勝), Ta-I Yang(楊大毅)* 中原大學 Development of fiber-reinforced composite materials using in situ polymerization
MC069 0391 鍾馮鈞 Liang-Yih Chen(陳良益)*, Fong-Jyun Jhong (鍾馮鈞) 臺灣科大 The Influence of Anti-solvent Treatment on the Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells
MC070 0401 Yi Cheng You (尤翊丞) Yi Cheng You (尤翊丞), Bor Kae Chang (張博凱)* 中央大學 Preparation of MIL-53(Al)@Reduced Graphene Oxide Hybrid as Fillers in MMMs
MC071 0407 朱德叡 Tei Jui Chu(朱德叡), Bor Kae Chang(張博凱)* 中央大學 Preparation of Amino-MIL-53(Al) Synthesized by Polar Co-solvents
MC072 0412 蔡惠如 Huei-Ru Tsai(蔡惠如), Chih-Chun Yang(楊志純), Shu-Ling Huang(黃淑玲)* and Shug-June Hwang(黃素真)
聯合大學 Preparation and Application of Organic silica/Acrylic acid/ Liquid Crystal Biosensor
MC073 0414 An-Zhe Guo(郭安哲) Cheng-Liang Liu*,and An-Zhe Guo 中央大學 Tuning the optoelectronic properties of mixed halide perovskite solar cells through ternary channel ultrasonic spray coating
MC074 0417 蔡尚成 Shang-Cheng Tsai, Ying-Chih Liao* 臺灣大學 Stereolithography Method for 3D-printed Conductive Structure
MC075 0418 賴怡瑾 Yi-Chin Lai and Ying-Chih Liao* 臺灣大學 Rapid synthesis of silver nanoplates with high aspect ratio
MC076 0423 林晁全 Chao-Chuan Lin(林晁全), Lo-Chia Chang(張洛嘉), Meng-Ting Wu(吳孟庭), Huey-Ing Chen(陳慧英)* 成功大學 Fabrication of Acetone Vapor Sensors Based on Silver-decorated ZnO Nanorods
MC077 0424 Ya-Ching Chang(張雅晴) Ya-Ching Chang(張雅晴)*, Chih-Ming Chen(陳志銘) 中興大學 Investigations of Morphology and Optical Property of a Metallic Thin Film on Glass Subjected to Rapid Thermal Annealing
MC078 0426 吳建昇 吳建昇*、董佳欣、王啟鴻、黃豐貿、陳威成、林立凱 塑膠工業技術發展中心 Bonding Strength Study of Continuous/non-continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic on Insert Injection Molding
MC079 0428 Ping-Heng Wu (吳炳亨) Ping-Heng Wu (吳炳亨)*, Yu-Zhong Lai (賴育忠), and Chih-Ming Chen (陳志銘) 中興大學 Study of diffusion and adhesion of electroless-deposited copper film on silanized silicon
MC080 0435 梁維志 Wei-Zhi Liang(梁維志), Chien-Lin Huang(黃建霖) 逢甲大學 The study of polyacrylonitrile/graphene oxide-graft-polyacrylonitrile composite nanofibers during stabilization process
MC081 0438 翁從記 Tien-Tsan Hung(洪添燦)*, Cong-Ji Weng(翁從記) 義守大學 High-efficiency solid-state perovskite solar cells based on graphene quantum dots optimized titanium oxide photoanodes
MC082 0445 湯志輝 Shieh Yaw Nan (謝耀南)  Tang Zhi Hui (湯志輝) 明道大學 Corrosion resistance of salt spray for organic coatings ceramic
MC083 0449 葉珮君 Pei-Jun Yeh, Darwin Kurniawan, Guan-Xian Wu, Wei-Hung Chiang* 臺灣科大 Green and Facile Synthesis of Graphene Quantum Dots for  Photoluminescence-based Cu2+ Sensing
MC084 0453 郭家哲 Chien-Tsung Wang(王健聰)*, Chia-Che Kuo(郭家哲), Shih-Wei Wu(吳世維) 雲林科大 Silver Cluster-Embedded Titania Nanostructures for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
MC085 0454 董嘉銘許曼芩曾雪鳳陳瑩丞 王健聰1,*,許智傑2,董嘉銘1,許曼芩1,曾雪鳳1,陳瑩丞1,吳億明2,鄭文琪1 雲林科大 Preparation and Application of Iron and Bismuth Doped Zinc Oxide thin films
MC086 0457 李易昜 Yi-Yang Lee(李易昜), Chih-Hsien Chen(陳志賢)* 逢甲大學 Effect of different para-substituentsin a series of tetraphenylethylene-basedfluorophores
MC087 0458 陳品叡 Pin-Ruei Chen(陳品叡), Chih-Hsien Chen(陳志賢)* 逢甲大學 Fully symmetric cyano-substituted tetraphenylethenes: Synthesis andphotophysical properties
MC088 0465 古致諺 古致諺(Chih-Yen, Ku),賴宇芳(Yu-Fang, Lai),林義峯(Yi-Feng Lin)* 中原大學 Preparation of Amino Group Modification Co-doped Silica Aerogels for Carbon Dioxide/Propylene Oxide Cycloaddition Reaction

0467 柯威廷 Wei-Ting Ke(柯威廷)*, Ying-Chih Liao(廖英志) 臺灣大學 Stretchable composite PCB materials with surface modified cellulose nanocrystal (CNC) fillers
MC090 0468 謝怡廷 Wei-Ren Liu (劉偉仁)*, Yi-Ting Hsieh (謝怡廷), Yi-Feng Lin (林義峯) 中原大學 Water resistant CsPbX3 nanocrystals coated with hydrophobic polymethylsilsesquioxane and their use as solid state luminophores in all-inorganic perovskite warm white light-emitting devices
MC091 0469 黃凱煜 Po-Chih Yang (楊博智)*, Shih-Syuan Zeng (曾士軒), Kai-Yu Chung (黃凱煜) and Chia-Fang Hsieh (謝佳芳) 元智大學 Synthesis and chemosensory properties of diketopyrrolopyrrole-containing fluorescent copolymers and nanofibers
MC092 0470 林頡 Po-Chih Yang (楊博智)*, Chia-Chung Lin (林家仲) and Jie Lin (林頡) 元智大學 Synthesis and characterization of less-activated xanthate-based chain transfer agents and block copolymers
MC093 0479 Tzu-Chieh Fang Tzu-Chieh Fang,  Ying-Chih Liao* 臺灣大學 Stable Dispersion of Hydrophilic Nanofillers in Polydimethylsiloxane Composites
MC094 0481 王仕凱 Shih-Kai Wang(王仕凱)*, Sheng-Jye Cherng(程聖傑), Jian-Hao Hong(洪建豪), Chi-Yu Chan(詹啟裕), Ching-Chung Ko(柯景中) 塑膠工業技術發展中心 Preparation and Study of improving interlaminar strength for 3D printed thermoplastic elastomer materials
MC095 0486 Wen-Shiou Chen(陳文修) Ching-Yen Lin(林璟延), Chih-Ying Chuang(莊智瑩), Sheng-Syong Huang(黃聖雄), Wen-Shiou Chen(陳文修) and Tsao-Jen Lin(林昭任)* 中正大學 Optimization Study of Current Assistance on Hot Pressing Bi-Sb-Te Powders for Fabrication Thermoelectric Thin Films
MC096 0488 洪晧淳 王健聰*, 洪晧淳 雲林科大 Capacitive properties of silver nanoparticle-loaded graphene aerogels
MC097 0491 林俐伶 Li-Ling Lin(林俐伶) , Kaai-Ming Wu(吳楷銘) , Yi-Chang Chung(鍾宜璋)* 高雄大學 The development of no-residue electrode patch
MC098 0493 Soumyajyoti Chatterjee Soumyajyoti Chatterjee(查特吉 蘇梅亞喬迪)*, Ying-Chih Liao(廖英志) 臺灣大學 Versatile Highly Elastic Macroporous Nanocellulose based Composite Sponge
MC099 0523 曾郁珉 Yu-Min Tseng(曾郁珉), Ruo-Yun Gu(古若妘), Shao-Liang Cheng(鄭紹良)* 中央大學 Fabrication of Well-ordered Arrays of Gold Nanodisks and Single-crystalline Silicon Nanoholes by Wet Etching and Their Optical Properties
MC100 0529 Hong-Ru Lin Hong-Ru Lin, Pei-Shan Li and Bo-Tau Liu* 雲林科大 Highly Efficiency Perovskite Planar Solar Cells with Active Titania Fabricated in Low Temperature Process
MC101 0530 葉佾叡 Yi-Jui Yeh (葉佾叡) *  Wei-Hung Chiang 臺灣科大 Microplasma-assisted and one-step fabrication of AgNP-graphene/paper composite for disposable surface-enhanced Raman scatting substrates
MC102 0536 戴源宏 Bo-Tau Liu*,Yuan-Hung Tai, Chien-Jui Cheng 雲林科大 Perovskite solar cells with silver nanowire incorporation in the hole transport layer
MC103 0554 趙思涵 Szu-Han Chao(趙思涵), Shih-Chieh Hsu(許世杰),* 淡江大學 Thin-GaN Light-Emitting Diodes with Cu Substrate by Pattern Electroplating
MC104 0566 支耀崧 Sheng-Chih Wang (王聖智), Yao-Sung Chih (支耀崧), Jin-Shuh Li (李金樹), Tsung-Mao Yang (楊琮貿),  Kai-Tai Lu (陸開泰), Tsao-Fa Yeh (葉早發) and Chyi-Ching Hwang (黃其清)*
國防大學 Development of a Composite for Military Stealth/Camouflage
MC105 0568 劉冠志 Guan-Zhi Liu, Wei-Jen Chen, Yu-Che Cheng, and Rong-Ho Lee* 中興大學 A Star-Shaped Conjugated Molecule Featuring a Triazole Core and Diketopyrrolopyrrole Branches is an Efficient Electron-Selective Interlayer for Inverted Polymer Solar Cells
MC106 0574 陳冠廷 Guan-Ting Chen(陳冠廷)、Shih-Han Wei(魏詩涵)、Chun-Hao Su(蘇群皓)、Min-Yu Wen(文敏瑜)、Ying-Chih Liao(廖英志)、Wen-Ya Lee(李文亞)* 臺北科大 Pressure Sensors with Doped Fluorinated Elastomeric Dielectric for Smart Textile
MC107 0578 黃祐德 Hsin-Chun Lu*(盧信冲) Tsai-Sheng Fu(傅再生) Chung-Yih Wang(王鐘毅) Li-Hsuan Lan(藍立璿)  Jui-Cheng Shen(沈睿丞) You-De Huang(黃祐德) 長庚大學 Effect of reaction time on the characteristics of silver sulfide quantum dots synthesized by microfluidic reaction
MC108 0579 李政勳 李政勳,吳汪勳,陳文祥,李文福* 大同大學 Synthesis and Application of  Polyvinyl Alcohol grafted by thermosensitive  Monomer
MC109 0588 Yuneng Chang 張宇能*、吳承璋, 黃玉成、李承峰 龍華科大 Photoluminescence Spectroscopic Analysis on LPCVD prepared ZnO for DSSC Electrode
MC110 0600 Yuneng Chang Yuneng Chang, Weiwei Lin 龍華科大 The Study on the preparation of MgZnO films using Hot wall Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
MC111 0601 林廷翰 Ting-Han Lin(林廷翰), Kuo-Ping Chiang(蔣國斌), Ming-Chung Wu(吳明忠)* 長庚大學 One-pot synthesis of silver oxide nanoparticles loaded TiO2 nanofibers and its synergistic effect on visible-driven photocatalytic activity
MC112 0610 蕭瑞昌 賴清源1、唐炳坤1 、林瑞嘉1 、蕭瑞昌1* 龍華科大 Analysis on Physical Properties of Water based Styrene/Acrylic Emulsions with Different Synthetic Method
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EE001 0015 李坤穆 Wei-Jhih Lin(林威志), and Kun-Mu Lee(李坤穆)* 長庚大學 Control Electron Collection and Transportation of TiO2 Electrode for High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells
EE002 0020 杜怡慧 Yi-Huei Du(杜怡慧),Sinn-Wen Chen(陳信文)* 清華大學 Experimental determination and Calphad calculation of phase diagrams of thermoelectric Ag-Pb-Sn-Te quaternary system
EE003 0031 劉浩汶 Hao-Wen Liu (劉浩汶) , Yu-Ting Weng (翁郁婷), Jing Luo (羅婧), Nae-Lih Wu* (吳乃立) 臺灣大學 Investigation on Solvent and Surface modification Effects for Li Metal Anodes
EE004 0034 黃聖翔 Sheng-Siang Huang (黃聖翔), and Nae-Lih Wu (吳乃立)* 臺灣大學 Facile Synthesis of Rice Husk-Derived SiOx/C Composite Materials for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Battery
EE005 0038 黃聖瑋 Sheng-Wei Huang(黃聖瑋), Jui-Cheng Chang(張瑞呈), Ho-Rei Chen(陳和瑞), Yu-Chang Huang(黃宇璋), Tzi-Yi Wu(吳知易), Chung-Wen Kuo(郭仲文)* 高雄科大 Electrochemical characterization of electrochromic device based on poly(3,6-di(2-thienyl)carbazole) and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-poly(styrene sulfonic acid)
EE006 0039 林毅東 Yi-Dong Lin(林毅東), Jui-Cheng Chang(張瑞呈), Ho-Rei Chen(陳和瑞), Yu-Chang Huang(黃宇璋), Tzi-Yi Wu(吳知易), Chung-Wen Kuo(郭仲文)* 高雄科大 Electrochemical characterizations of electrochromic copolymers based on 1,4-bis((9H-carbazol-9-yl)methyl)benzene and bithiophene derivatives
EE007 0054 李懿芸 李懿芸, 黃冠穎, 林屏杰* 逢甲大學 A study on thermophilic hydrogen production from the complementary sugar feedstocks
EE008 0055 林芷芃 李盈欣、林芷芃、李國興* 中臺科大 A study on treatment of effluent from the hydrogen fermentor with a UASB-AF methane fermentor
EE009 0059 鍾孟璇 陳宜華、鍾孟璇、林屏杰、李國興* 中臺科大 Thermophilic hydrogen production from waste syrup
EE010 0065 侯閔耀 Min-Yao Hou(侯閔耀), and Kun-Mu Lee(李坤穆)* 長庚大學 Sequential Deposition of Dual Layer Fluorine-doped Tin Oxide Films for High-Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells
EE011 0069 宋柏威 簡文鎮*, 張家瑋, 宋柏威 明志科大 Effect of calcination temperature on properties of xLiFePO4/yLi3V2(PO4)3/C composite cathode materials
EE012 0070 陳維凱 簡文鎮*, 張家瑋, 陳維凱 明志科大 Effect of particle size on electrochemical properties of lithium iron vanadium phosphate/carbon composite Cathode Materials
EE013 0071 陳威廷 簡文鎮*, 謝宗明, 陳威廷 明志科大 Effect of manganese doping on properties of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials
EE014 0095 黃建耀 Jian-Yau Huang (黃建耀)*, Po-Han Chen (陳柏翰), Jun-Yuan Lai (賴俊源), Cheng-Hsien Tsai (蔡政賢) 高雄科大 Abatement of Dichlorodifluoromethane by Full Scale DC Plasma Torch and Production of Cryolite
EE015 0114 陳國帝 Kuo-Ti Chen( 陳國帝)*, Min-Der Bai (白明德), Chung-Cheng Han (韓忠正), Chin-Pang Chu (朱晉邦), Wen-Jang Lu (盧文章), Hou-Peng Wan (萬皓鵬) 工研院 Thermophilic anaerobic solid fermentation of chicken manure and nitrogen remova
EE016 0116 楊兆翔,丁昶介 Hsin Lo(羅忻), Jau-Hsiang Yang(楊兆翔), Chang-Chieh Ting(丁昶介), and Kun-Mu Lee(李坤穆)* 長庚大學 Thermal treatment on the photoelectric properties and stability of mixed-cation perovskite solar cells
EE017 0119 王振諧 王振諧*、王瀞諠、盧文章、陳渝靜、鄧瑞琴 工研院 The study on optimization of the composition of microalgae culture medium
EE018 0121 吳佩芬 Pei-Fen, Wu (吳佩芬*)、Chin-Chen Hsu(徐勤禎)、Wen-Chang Lu(盧文章) 工研院 Optimization of growth medium of purple non-sulfur photobacteria by design of experiments
EE019 0128 李唯均 Wei-Jun Li (李唯均) , Jui-Yuan Lin (林瑞媛) ,Wan-Yun Chen (陳宛筠),Cheng-Hsien Tsai (蔡政賢)* 高雄科大 Improvement of Adhesion for Anti-fogging Film Coating on Polycarbonate by Plasma Surface Modification
EE020 0129 羅翊華 Yi-Hua Luo1 and Gui-Bing Hong1,2* 臺北科大 Estimating the industrial waste heat recovery potential in Taiwan
EE021 0143 張秉宏 Bing-Hung Chang(張秉宏)*, Tien-Yuan Li (李天源), Yu-Li Lin(林育立) 工研院 Effect of metal oxides on heat radiation absorber
EE022 0149 張家銘 Chia-Ming Chang(張家銘)*, Chou-Cheng Li(李宙澄), Yun-Feng Chen(陳芸夆), Chien-Chih Chiang(江建志) 工研院 High Loading Density 3D Graphite Used in Al-ion Battery
EE023 0166 羅敬雯 Jing-Wen Luo (羅敬雯), Sing-Cheng Ho (何星呈), Yu-Chi Cheng (鄭喻齊), Chi-Min Shu (徐啟銘) * 雲林科大 Research on potential fire explosion risk for magnesium-aluminum alloy polishing workplace
EE024 0169 林揆樺 Kuei-Hua Lin (林揆樺), Wei-Cheng Lin (林韋呈), Chi-Min Shu (徐啟銘)* 雲林科大 Evaluation on thermal stability for two azo compounds by 20–L–apparatus and calorimetry
EE025 0172 馬鈺傑 Yu-Chieh Ma(馬鈺傑)*,Chien-Shiun Liao(廖建勛) 元智大學 Fabrication and Thermoelectric properties of flexible Bi-Te based thick film
EE026 0195 黃皓群 Hao-Cyun Huang (黃皓群), Yun-Ting Tsai (蔡昀廷), Chi-Min Shu (徐啟銘)* 雲林科大 Exploring the dust explosion characteristics of nitrocellulose and the inhibition of dust suppressant
EE027 0220 黃美利 Rong-Luh Jeng(鄭榮祿), Yun-Ta Hsieh(謝昀達), Zi-Yu Su (蘇姿毓),  Mei-Lee Hwang(黃美利)* 義守大學 The Study of Reaction of o-Xylene and m-Xylene with Ozone
EE028 0227 許奕民 許奕民, 盧啟元* 中山醫大 Evaluating the antibacterial ability of Chitosan based film doped with phenolic compounds from spent coffee grounds
EE029 0243 Jen-Hsien Huang Jui-Hsiung Huang, Chiu-Ping Li and Jen-Hsien Huang* 中油綠能所 Spray-drying synthesis of Li4Ti5O12 microspheres in pilot scale using TiO2 nanosheets as starting materials and their application in high-rate lithium ion battery
EE030 0252 劉瓊芳 劉瓊芳、洪偉鈞、林昀輝、萬皓鵬 工研院 Steam reforming of naphthalene as tar model compound over Ni Catalyst
EE031 0253 陳昱翰 Chii-Dong Ho*, Luke Chen , Guan-Hong Lin, Chien-Chang Huang and Yu-Han Chen 淡江大學 Carbon Dioxide Absorption in a Gas-Liquid Membrane Contactor with Spiral Wire Channel under Countercurrent-Flow Operations
EE032 0254 許哲豪 Chii-Dong Ho*, Luke Chen, Yu-An Chen, Tze-Hao Hsu and Chi-Hsiang Ni 淡江大學 The Studies of Air Gap Membrane Distillation Module with Various Carbon-Fiber Open-Slot Widths
EE033 0262 陳寶祺賴彥霖卓訓煌 賴彥霖 龍華科大 Energy duty stripper and establishent of mass tranfer model
EE034 0269 楊博元 Bo-Yuan Yang,Gui-Bing Hong* 臺北科大 Fabrication of the hydrogel based on Aquilaria nutshell for removal of crystal violet dye
EE035 0272 曾山智美、卓育軒 Chih-Mei Tseng-Shan(曾山智美)*, Yu-Syuan Cho(卓育軒), I-Ping Liu(劉一平), Wei-Hsun Lin(林韡勲), Yuh-Lang Lee(李玉郎) 成功大學 Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells for Indoor Power Generation Using Different Counter Electrode Materials
EE036 0277 陳韻羽 Yun-Yu Chen(陳韻羽)*, Li-Wei Wang(王立為), I-Ping Liu(劉一平) , Ming-Hsiang Tsai(蔡明祥), and Yuh-Lang Lee(李玉郎) 成功大學 Use of TiO2 Nanoparticles as Electrolyte Additive and Treating Agent for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Applications
EE037 0278 邱奕翰 Yi-Han Chiu (邱奕翰), Lu-Yin Lin (林律吟)* 臺北科大 Investigating the Physical and Electrochemical Properties of the Activated Carbon Electrode for Supercapacitors
EE038 0295 吳承芳 Cheng-Fang Wu(吳承芳), Shu-Hui Liu(劉淑惠), Chi-Wen Lin(林啟文) * 雲林科大 Biotoxicity evaluation by column system simulating bioremediation for a sulfolane contaminated groundwater
EE039 0309 LI-CHEN LIN GUO-XUN LIN(林國勳), CHEN-HAN LIN(林辰翰), LI-CHEN LIN(林俐辰), CHI-WEN LIN(林啟文),* 雲林科大 Power generation and toluene removal from contaminated groundwater using microbial fuel cell with packed-bed anode
EE040 0317 陳珠修 陳珠修(J. S. Chen*)、祝經益(C. I Juch)、萬皓鵬(H. P. Wan) 工研院 Application of industrial by-products for biomass gasification
EE041 0342 張鶿 Yu-Tzu Huang(黃郁慈)*, Tsz Chang(張鶿),  Chi-Chio Ng(伍志超), Ting-Cih Huang(黃亭慈), Ching-Hung Chen(陳靖宏) 中原大學 Application of High Density Eddy Flow Anammox Process in Nitrogen Wastewater
EE042 0357 洪偉倫 Wei-Lun Hong(洪偉倫) Lu-Yin Lin(林律吟) 臺北科大 Morphology effects for the nickel cobalt molybdenum oxide electrode of battery supercapacitor hybrid devices
EE043 0375 Shih Chieh Chou Bo Neng Chuang, Shih Chieh Chou, Wei Wu* 成功大學 Power Dispatch and Cost Analysis of a Hybrid Fuel Cell Vehicle with a Lightweight Methanol Reformer
EE044 0384 吳豐州 Fong-Chou Wu(吳豐州), Yi-Min Wang(王逸民), Yu-Shao Chen(陳昱劭)* 中原大學 A Study of CO2 Capture by Alkanolamine Solution under Different CO2  Loadings in a Rotating Packed Bed
EE045 0404 黃書賢 Hui-Ling Hu, Shu-Hsien Huang *, Siao-Rong Shen, Kueir-Rarn Lee, Juin-Yih Lai 宜蘭大學 Polysulfonamide Composite Membranes: Effect of Operating Condition on Pervaporation Performance of Tetrahydrofuran Aqueous Solution
EE046 0405 郭任淵 Kuo Jen-Yuan (郭任淵)*, Liang Kuo-Chao (梁國超) 核能研究所 Simulation and Design of a Dual Fluidized-Bed Gasifier for Biomass Gasification
EE047 0433 邱子昂 Tzu-Ang Chiu(邱子昂) 長庚大學 Effect of Solvent Substitution in Polybenzimidazole membrane on Resulting Properties and  Alkaline Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Performance
EE048 0446 陳彥良 Shing-jiang Lue (呂幸江)*, Yan-liang Chen (陳彥良) 長庚大學 Property changes of fuel cell platinum electrodes in alkaline media
EE049 0448 Wei-Lun Hsu (許偉倫) Che-Wei Hsu(許哲維),Wei-Lun Hsu (許偉倫),Tai-Chou Lee(李岱洲)*,Jeng-Kuei Chang(張仍奎)* 中央大學 Solid State Synthesis of Lithium Lanthanum Zirconium Oxide as Electrolytes for Lithium-ion Batteries
EE050 0450 許展源 Shing-Jiang Lue(呂幸江)*,Chan-Yuan Hsu (許展源) 長庚大學 Alkali resistance analysis of carbon cloth substrate for fuel cell
EE051 0482 謝清文 謝清文、李柏賢、黃獻仟、孫幸宜* 中興大學 SiO2-Filled Mixed Matrix Membranes for Butanol/Water Pervaporation
EE052 0494 鍾佳君 Chia-Chun Chung(鍾佳君)*, Chi-Chang Chen(陳祈彰), Chih-Hsing Leu(呂志興), Jia-Ming Huang(黃家銘), Shann-Shiuann Tzeng(曾善訓), Wen-Sheng Chang(張文昇) 工研院 Application of carbon felt electrodes in all Vanadium flow batteries
EE053 0500 郭賢章 Hsian-Chang Kuo(郭賢章) and Kuo-Chao Liang(梁國超) 核能研究所 Using Aspen Plus Software to Determine Operating Conditions of the Desulfurization Reactor and Dimensions of the Regeneration Reactor
EE054 0507 陳冠聿 Kuan-Yu Chen, Tai-Chou Lee* 中央大學 Copper foam as anode current collector under flow field for Zn-based batteries
EE055 0527 Wei-Cheng Zhu(朱威丞) Wei-Cheng Zhu(朱威丞), Wen-Ya Lee(李文亞) 臺北科大 Flexible transparent PEDOT:PSS composite electrodes for supercapacitors
EE056 0532 謝子陽 謝子陽*, 王大銘, 謝學真, 黃靖軒 中國科大 Application of supported liquid membrane to remove nickel ions from electroless nickel waste water
EE057 0533 謝子陽 謝子陽1*, 王大銘2, 謝學真2, 陳昱瑋2 中國科大 Separation and Purification of Multi-component of Al3+, Zn2+, and Ni2+ ions from Waste Streams
EE058 0548 蔡志旻 Zhi-Min Cai(蔡志旻), Cheng-Yan Tang(湯政諺),Kuen-Song Lin(林錕松)*, Chao-Lung Chiang(江昭龍) 元智大學 Synthesis, characterization and application of Ni/Al2O3 catalyst for the decomposition of CO2 to prepare carbon nanofiber
EE059 0557 Jincy Parayangattil Jyothibasu Jincy Parayangattil Jyothibasua, Chen Ming Zhu, Kuo Da Wei, Lee  Rong Ho * 中興大學 Flexible and Freestanding Electrodes Based on Polypyrrole/Carbon nanotube/Cellulose Composites for Supercapacitor Application
EE060 0571 游傑名 Chieh-Ming YU (游傑名), Chih-Yu Chiang (姜致羽), Wan-Chin Yu (余琬琴)* 臺北科大 Three-Dimensional ZnO Nanostructures for Antibacteria and Photocatalytic Degradation of Dye
EE061 0572 賴彥霖 Pao-Chi Chen(陳寶祺),Yan-Lin Lai(賴彥霖)*,Hsun-Huang Cho(卓訓煌) 龍華科大 Regeneration energy and mass transfer of mixed Amine solvent in the Packed-bed stripper
EE062 0573 邱秀玫 Hsiu-Mei Chiu (邱秀玫), Po-Chuang Chen (陳柏壯), Yau-Pin Chyou (邱耀平)* 行政院核能研究所 Thermodynamic Performance Assessment of Warm Syngas Clean-up Processes Applied in Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) Production via Gasification Process
EE063 0575 呂紹豪 Hsin-Chun Lu(盧信冲)*, Si-Han Peng(彭思翰) and Shao-Hao Lu(呂紹豪) 長庚大學 Application of Co3O4/graphene composite materials as activated materials on air cathodes in hybrid electrolyte lithium-air batteries
EE064 0581 呂紹豪 Hsin-Chun Lu(盧信冲)*, Tse-Hsi Chen(陳昃熙), Si-Han Peng(彭思翰) and Shao-Hao Lu(呂紹豪) 長庚大學 Application of Lithium Aluminum Titanium Phosphates (Li1+xAlxTi2-x(PO4)3) lithium ion conducting membranes in hybrid electrolyte lithium-air batteries
EE065 0582 林琦昀 Chi-Yun Lin(林琦昀), An-Ni Huang(黃安婗) and Hsiu-Po Kuo(郭修伯) * 長庚大學 Effects of Fill Level and Time on the Segregation Band Width and Numbers in a Rotating Drum
EE066 0589 陳昱任 Yu-Ren Chen (陳昱任)*,  Heng-Yi Li (李恆毅) 行政院核能研究所 The Characteristic Analysis of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger
EE067 0597 詹順翔 Shun-Hsiang Chan (詹順翔), Ming-Chung Wu (吳明忠)*, Wei-Fang Su (林唯芳) 長庚大學 Using Zinc-doped TiO2 Electron Extraction Layer to Enhance the Photovoltaic Performance of Perovskite-Structured Solar Cells
EE068 0611 吳耿東 Yau-Pin Chyou1, Keng-Tung Wu2,*, Yin-Ching Tung2, Wei-Chun Chang2, Po-Chuang Chen1, and Rei-Yu Chein3, Po-Chuang Chen1, and Rei-Yu Chein3 中興大學 Gasification of Rice Husk Pellet in an Interconnected Fluidized Bed
EE069 0612 吳耿東 江虹儀1、東吟靜1、吳耿東1,*、張維峻1、朱敬平2 中興大學 農業廢棄物於氣泡式流體化床進行快速裂解製備生質燃油之研究
EE070 0619 王振乾 黃凱銘、黃奕勳、歐陽敏、王振乾 南臺科大 Preparation of Packings by Using 3D-RP and Application on CO2 absorption
. 化及生醫工程
地點:大禮堂迴廊  展示時間: 13:10-15:15 (11/10)
報告編號 論文編號 報告作者 共同作者 單位 論文題目
BB001 0014 陳冠甫 Guan-Fu Chen(陳冠甫), Jui-Che Lin(林睿哲)* 成功大學 Antibacterial adhesion and hemocompatibility evaluations on the hydrophilic polymer or/and zwitterionic compound grafted onto the polypropylene surface
BB002 0017 洪嘉昇 Chia-Sheng Hung (洪嘉昇), Jui-Che Lin (林睿哲)* 成功大學 Zwitterionic polymer for surface modification of polypropylene: synthesis, surface characterization, antimicrobial adhesion and hemocompatibility
BB003 0041 莊英煥 莊英煥, 魏瑜均, 吳瑞璋, 吳光哲 中原大學 Using magnetic beads and nano-Au lateral-flow immnoassay detection on a prostate cancer biomarker
BB004 0052 徐仕龍 Shih-Lung Hsu, Yue-Chang Chou, Ho-Lung Jiang and Wei-Kuang Chi 財團法人生物中心 Apply adsorption technology to solve the UV sensor instability of dynamic control on periodic counter current purification system
BB005 0056 Li Chun Hui Chun-Hui Li, Chao-Ling Yao,* 元智大學 Culture of endothelial progenitor cells on poly(glycerol sebacate) and Ectoine copolymer for blood vessel tissue engineering
BB006 0060 陳科興 Ke-Hsing Chen(陳科興), Horng-Jer Tai(戴宏哲)*, Ying-Fen Sun(孫櫻芬) 義守大學 Microwave Dielectric Behaviors of an Artificial Tissue Emulating Material
BB007 0077 張正君 Cheng-Chun Chang(張正君)*, Nan-Chang Su(蘇南彰) 樹人醫護專科 Characteristics of Iridium Oxide Coatings on 316L Stainless Steel for Cardiovascular Stent Application
BB008 0093 蔡志亨 Chih-Heng Tsai (蔡志亨)and Feng-Sheng Wang (王逢盛)* 中正大學 Platform Development of Model-Based Optimization for Precision Medicine: Case Study in Hepatic Metabolism
BB009 0096 Bo-Ren Chen (陳柏任) Bo-Ren Chen(陳柏任)& , Chao-Xuan You(游超炫)& , Che-Chi Shu(許哲奇)* 臺北科大 The Misuse of Noise Decomposition in Common Biological Systems
BB010 0101 Yin-Yin Yang(楊茵茵) Yin-Yin Yang(楊茵茵), Chia-Sui Chen(陳佳穗), Mei-Chin Chen(陳美瑾)* 成功大學 Feasibility of using Poly-γ-Glutamate Microneedles for Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis in Nc/Nga mice
BB011 0103 Feng-You Liu Feng-You Liu(柳灃祐), Shih-Chiang Lo(羅世強), Che-Chi Shu(許哲奇)* 臺北科大 The Reaction of Dimerization by Itself Reducing the Noise Intensity of the Protein Monomer
BB012 0109 Kun-Yuan Wu Kun-Yuan Wu, Te-Sheng Chang* 臺南大學 Production of 8-Hydroxydaidzein Glucosides by Uridine Diphosphate-Dependent Glycosyltransferase from Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633
BB013 0130 陳奕瑋 I-WEI CHEN (陳奕瑋) 清華大學 Development of Microfluidic-Based Valve Controlling Platform for Continuous Protein Purification
BB014 0131 張理茹 Bi-Hua Chang, Ya-Chu Hsu, Li-Ju Chang(張理茹)*,  Hsien-Bin Huang, and Wen-Chien Lee 中正大學 Co-Expression of Two Enzyme Genes in Escherichia coli for Sialic Acid Production
BB015 0132 李佳君 Tzong-Liu Wang(王宗櫚)*,Chia-Chun Li (李佳君),Chien-Hao Huang(黃千豪),Bo-Ren Hou(侯柏任),Yi-Jhih Chen(陳誼芝) 高雄大學 Preparation of new core-shell type LaF3: Yb3+/Er3+/Ho3+/Tm3+@LaF3: Yb3+ upconversion nanoparticles for biomedical applications
BB016 0134 繆養寶 Yang-Bao Miao(繆養寶), Wen-Yu Pan(潘文予), Po-Yen Lin(林柏諺),  Kuan-Hung Chen(陳冠宏), You-Syun Chen(陳宥勳),Tsai Hsiu Wen (蔡琇雯), Hsing-Wen Sung(宋信文)× 清華大學 An M-Cell Targeting Yeast Capsule Loaded with Biomimetic Mineralization Nano Popcorn-Shaped OVA@Al-MOF to Overcome Multiple Barriers of Intestinal Epithelium for Oral Vaccination
BB017 0142 吳劭易 Shao-I Wu(吳劭易), Chang-Chieh Chen(陳昌傑)1, Jo-Di Chiang(姜若迪)1, Yu-Pei Lin(林予珮)1 and Wen-Chang Lu(盧文章)1* 工研院 Breeding for biomass improvement of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii using CRISPR/Cas9 technology
BB018 0146 劉念東 劉念東 國防大學 Study on the Elimination of Gram-positive Bacteria by the National Army Elimination of Medicament
BB019 0147 程議輝 程議輝,吳國輝*,徐敬媛,劉信宏,徐榮華,張淑貞 國防大學 Study on the preparation of immunochromatographic test strip and applied for residue analysis of fipronil
BB020 0151 陳世傑 Shin-Chieh Chen, Chih-Hua Chao, Fan-Chiang Yang 東海大學 Comparison of different cultivation strategies for enhancing the formation of erinacines in the submerged culture of Hericium erinaceus
BB021 0155 楊晴 Qing Yang, Yu-Ting Wang, Chao-Ling Yao* 元智大學 Serum-free induction of human monocytes differentiation into dendritic cells
BB022 0178 洪語均 Ching-Cheng Tsai(蔡景丞), Yu-Jun Hong(洪語均), Jiashing Yu(游佳欣)* 台灣大學 Enhancement of Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Spheroids Proliferation and Differentiation in the in situ Enzyme Crosslinked  Gelatin Hydrogel
BB023 0184 沈筱容 Hsiao-Jung Shen (沈筱容), Yi-Min Liu (劉宜旻), Wei-Wen Hu (胡威文),* 中央大學 The Effect of Dimeric Form of Indolicidin-Derived Peptide for Oligodeoxynucleotide Delivery
BB024 0187 黃文鍵 Wen-Chien Huang(黃文鍵), Kuo-Hui Wu(吳國輝)*, Ken-Fa Cheng (鄭根發), Nien-Tung Liu (劉念東), Shu-Chen Chang (張淑貞) and Rong-Hwa Shyu (徐榮華) 國防大學 Immune colloidal silver-base lateral flow immunoassay for detection of profenofos
BB025 0214 Chao-Chen Kuo (郭朝琛) Chao-Chen Kuo (郭朝琛), Po-Hung Wu (吳柏宏), and Chih-Chen Hsieh (謝之真)* 臺灣大學 Brownian Dynamics Simulation of DNA Separation in Microchannel with Sparse Post Arrays
BB026 0216 李博汎 Bo-Fan Lee1, and Ling Chao2* 台灣大學 Using Thylakoid Lipid Membranes to Convert Light to Electrical Signals for Bio-applications
BB027 0217 Ying-Chen Yi (易盈甄) Ying-Chen Yi (易盈甄), I-Son Ng (吳意珣)* 成功大學 Establishment of Recombinant Protein Expression in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
BB028 0226 許乃淳 Yung-Chih Kuo(郭勇志)*, Nai-Chun Hsu(許乃淳), Rajendiran Rajesh(拉杰什) 中正大學 Optimization of nerve-targeted liposomes carrying anti-apoptotic pharmaceuticals for prevention of β-amyloid-induced neurodegeneration in rats
BB029 0246 陳聖融 Yu-Cheng Liu (劉祐誠), Sheng-Jung Chen (陳聖融), Chih-Yun Wu (吳芷芸), Tzu-Yu Lin (林子榆),  Yi Chao (趙貽) and Shen-Long Tsai (蔡伸隆)* 臺灣科大 Ammonia Recovery and Energy Production from TMAC Waste by a Membrane Bioreactor-Microbial Fuel Cell Coupling System
BB030 0249 蔡協致 Hsiao-Ying Chou(周小盈) and Hsieh-Chih Tsai(蔡協致)* 臺灣科大 Radiation-Sensitive Dendrimer derivative in External Drug Release System
BB031 0273 莊舜皓 Shun-Hao Chuang(莊舜皓), Abegaz Tizazu Andrgie, Wei-Hsin Hsu(徐維新), Shewaye Lakew Mekuria, Kefyalew Dagnew Addisu, Balkew Zewge Hailemeskel, Hsieh-Chih Tsai(蔡協致)* 臺灣科大 Thermoresponsive PCLA-PEG-PCLA Hydrogels carry non-Anticoagulant Heparin for anti-metastasis in surgical resection
BB032 0280 國莉莉 Li-Li Guo(國莉莉)Bor-Yann Chen(陳博彦) 宜蘭大學 Feasibility study of electrochemical treatment upon diverse tannin-abundant herbal extracts for bioenergy applications
BB033 0281 Yi-Ting Pan Yi-Ting Pan(潘怡廷), Wei-Chen Lu(呂偉辰), Jun-Yi Zeng(曾俊毅), Peng-Ren Lai(賴鵬仁), Bin Xu(許斌), Chung-Chuan Hsueh(薛仲娟), and Bor-Yann Chen*(陳博彥) 宜蘭大學 Exploring tea extract-supplementing characteristics of bioelectricity generation and species evolution in microbial fuel cells for bioenergy extraction
BB034 0282 柳佳佑 Chia-Yu Liu(柳佳佑), Li-Yin Chen(陳俐吟), Yen-Hsiang Huang(黃彥翔), Ziwei Qu(屈紫微), Chung-Chuan Hsueh(薛仲娟),  Bor-Yann Chen(陳博彥)* 宜蘭大學 Exploring electroactive characteristics of major contents in Scutellaria sp. with cyclic voltammetric treatment
BB035 0302 詹惟評 Hsieh-Chih Tsai(蔡協致)*,Wei-Ping Zhen(詹惟評) 臺灣科大 Biocompatible of PCL / PVDF composite in gastrointestinal (GI) tract
BB036 0326 賴威翰 Wei-Han Lai (賴威翰), Jen-Huang Huang 清華大學 Development of Hydraulically-driven micro Perfusion Cell Culture Platform for High-Throughput Drug Screening
BB037 0327 黎沅馨 Yuen Hing Lai (黎沅馨), John Chi-Wei Lan (藍祺偉)* 元智大學 Evaluation of an Electro-fermentation (EF) System for Improving Alcoholic Fermentation
BB038 0337 周崇榮 Chung-jung Chou*, Da-quan Zhou, Qian-yun Zheng 中原大學 Antifouling and Low Density Lipoprotein Adsorptive Membrane Prepared by Hybrid Grafting with Epoxylated Zwitterionic Polymer and Heparin
BB039 0343 李杰容 Chieh-Jung Lee(李杰容), Po-Hsiang Wang(王柏翔), Chih-Chen Hsieh(謝之真)* 台灣大學 Research of the Influence of Membrane Charge Density and Ionic Strength to DNA Diffusion on Supported Lipid Bilayers
BB040 0368 王譽儒 Yu-Ru Wang(王譽儒), Yih Ho(何意), Hsuan-Liang Liu(劉宣良)* 臺北科大 Structure-based virtual screening to identify novel CDK9 inhibitors for the treatment of hepatitis B
BB041 0369 Chun-Yi Chang (張竣逸) Chun-Yi Chang (張竣逸), Yih Ho (何意), Hsuan-Liang Liu (劉宣良)* 臺北科大 Discovery of novel N-glycoside and non-glycoside SGLT2 inhibitors for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus
BB042 0376 張佑誠 You-Cheng Jhang (張佑誠), Kuo-Yu Chen (陳國裕)* 雲林科大 Preparation of quaternary ammonium chitosan/clay composites for antimicrobial materials
BB043 0377 陳冠銘 Guan-Ming Chen (陳冠銘), Kuo-Yu Chen (陳國裕) 雲林科大 Using montmorillonite/quarternary ammonium chitosan composites as 5-fluorouracil carriers
BB044 0388 呂思璇 Szu-Hsuan Lu (呂思璇), Yi-Chen Chen (陳怡蓁), Wei-Chen Chen (陳韋辰), Jing-yue Cheng (鄭景龠), Yu Chung (鍾諭), Ting-Mei Wang (王庭玫), Wen-Chieh Sung (宋文杰), Chorng-Liang Pan (潘崇良)* 海洋大學 Study on Lactic Acid Bacterial Antifungal Substances for Dough and Buns Preservation
BB045 0389 呂思璇 Szu-Hsuan Lu (呂思璇), Yi-Chen Chen (陳怡蓁), Yu Chung (鍾諭), Ciao-Yun Chen (陳巧芸), Si-Ying Huang (黃思穎), Yu-Huei Gao (高宇慧),  Wen-Chieh Sung (宋文杰), Chorng-Liang Pan (潘崇良)* 海洋大學 Study on Lactic Acid Bacterial Antifungal Substances for Dough and Cup Cakes Preservation
BB046 0392 周小盈 Hsiao-Ying Chou(周小盈), Chang-Chih Weng(翁澄志) ,Shuian-Yin Lin(林宣因) and Hsieh-Chih Tsai(蔡協致)* 臺灣科大 The double network and reversible hydrogel for wound dressing application
BB047 0393 卓晉逸 CHIN-YI CHO(卓晉逸)*, JEN-HUANG HUANG(黃振煌) 清華大學 Formation of Hanging Drop Arrays Using Pressure-Assisted Network for Droplet Accumulation System (PANDAS)
BB048 0400 黃偉倫 Wei-Lun Huang(黃偉倫)*, Ting-Yeh Chen(陳亭曄), Akon Higuchi(樋口亞紺) 中央大學 Establishment of Patient-Specific Cancer Cell Lines from Colon Cancer Tissues by Membrane Filtration Method via Nylon Mesh Filter and PLGA-Silk Screen Membranes
BB050 0429 楊荏鈁 Yu-Shen Cheng(鄭宇伸)*.Ren-Fang Yang (楊荏鈁) 雲林科大 Encapsulation of oil within polysaccharides extracted from the seeds of Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang using a milli-fluidic device
BB051 0431 林芷稜 Jhih-Leng Lin(林芷稜), Jau-Yann Wu*(吳昭燕) 義守大學 Fluorescence imaging of yeast single-cells with a conjugate prepared from folic acid and glucosamine
BB052 0432 王筱淳 Xiao-Chun Wang(王筱淳),Jau-Yann Wu(吳昭燕)* 義守大學 Development of a glucose-derived bioprobe and its application in microbial imaging
BB053 0436 Han-Yun Wu Han-Yun Wu*, Yu-Shen Cheng 雲林科大 In vitro co-biosynthesis of 3-hydroxypropionic acid and 1,3-propanediol from glycerol
BB054 0447 高銓澤 Chuan-Tse Kao (高銓澤), Chia-Hua Chang (張家華), and Yang Wei(魏暘)* 臺北科大 Activity changes of α-Amylase on glass surface due to different protein-protein interactions involved
BB055 0452 賴銀德 Hsiu-Mei Chen (陳秀美), Yin-Te Lai 臺灣科大 Development of a real-time flow-injection photoelectric biosensor to sensitively detect microorganisms (II)
BB056 0455 Yung-Sheng Lin Ming-Hsi Huang, Shun-Ying Huang, Yi-Xuan Chen , Yung-Sheng Lin* 聯合大學 Charge Effect on the Physicochemical Properties of PLGA Microparticles
BB057 0463 Ping-Yun Liu(劉秉鏞) Chun-Yen Chen(陳俊延), Ping-Yun Liu(劉秉鏞), Yu-Han Chang(張毓涵), Jo-Shu Chang(張嘉修)* 成功大學 Optimizing growth conditions of Pavlova sp. for fucoxanthin accumulation and the performance of using Pavlova sp. as the feed supplement for shrimp cultivation
BB058 0476 曹婕鈴 Jie-Ling Cao(曹婕鈴),Cheng-Wei Lin(林承衞), Tzu-Chin Chang(張慈芹), Shu-Ling Huang(黃淑玲)* 聯合大學 Study on the Efficacy of the Pracparatum Mungo by the Biotechnology Fermentation
BB059 0478 李謹安 Jin-An Lee(李謹安),Chang-Chih Lin(林昌志), Hung-Yin Lin(林宏殷), Mei-Hwa Lee(李玫樺)* 高雄大學 Three-dimensional printing polylactic acid for cytotoxicity of curcumin microemulsion on the A549 Cell Line
BB060 0485 Joy Y. Liu(劉彥萱) Joy Y. Liu(劉彥萱), Jason T. Ku(古庭碩) and Ethan I. Lan *(蘭宜錚) 交通大學 Metabolic engineering of acetoin production using fast-growing knallgas-bacteria- Ralstonia eutropha H16
BB061 0490 李子寧 Chen-Xin You(尤晨欣), Tzu-Ning Lee(李子寧), Sung-Chyr Lin(林松池)* 中興大學 Bifunctional Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity Adsorbentsfor the Purification and Immobilization of Proteins
BB062 0492 王意雯 Yi-Chang Chung(鍾宜璋)*,Yi-Wen Wang(王意雯),Zi-Yuan Su(蘇資淵) 高雄大學 Research of amine sensitive colorimetry material and its application
BB063 0496 Pik Kuan Low (劉璧君) Pik Kuan Low (劉璧君), John Chi-Wei Lan (藍祺偉)* 元智大學 Cloning and Expression of Glutamate Decarboxylase Gene from Bacillus subtilis subsp. BBEL002
BB064 0497 林亞辰 Jau-Yann Wu(吳昭燕)*,Ya-Chen LIN(林亞辰) 義守大學 Visualization of live cells with galactose-containing fluorescent material
BB065 0510 黃文娟 Wen-Chuan Huang(黃文娟) , Yang Wei(魏暘) * 臺北科大 Preparation of keratin-chitosan hydrogel using human hair protein for tissue engineering scaffolds
BB066 0511 陳冠霖 Kuan-Lin Chen(陳冠霖),Chi-Fong Lin (林其鋒), Wen-Yu Su (蘇文玉) and Yang Wei (魏暘)* 臺北科大 Structures Related Adsorption Behavior of Mussel Adhesive Protein (Mfp-5) on Different Biomaterial Surfaces
BB067 0513 楊鎧睿 Kai-Ruei Yang (楊鎧睿), Bo-Ka Jhang (張伯愷) and Chia-Hung Kuo (郭家宏)* 高雄科大 Biotransformation and extraction of phenolic compounds from Polygonum cuspidatum during rice wine fermentation
BB068 0520 郭勇志 Yung-Chih Kuo (郭勇志)*, Ming-Yang Hong (洪明揚), Rajendiran Rajesh (拉杰什) 中正大學 Poly(lactide-co-glycolide)-phosphatidic acid nanoparticles with surface sialic acid and 5-HT-moduline for protecting neurodegen
BB069 0521 Ting-Wei Chang (張庭瑋) Ting-Wei Chang, Chin-Feng Chan*, Yu-Chi Liu and Ming-Jen Chen* 弘光科大 Develop novel purine dipeptides on skin whitening
BB070 0528 賴宜廷 Yi-Ting Lai1(賴宜廷), Chao-Ling Yao1*(姚少凌) 元智大學 Development of a Serum-free Monocyte Induction Medium for immunotherapy
BB071 0531 蔡妤晨 Yu-Chen Tsai , Ko-Shao Chen , Ming-Yang Chou, Yung-Hsiu Chen 大葉大學 Controlled biosynthesis of multi-shaped metallic nanostructures by biopolymers through thermal reduction
BB072 0535 伍世昌 Wei-Bor Tsai (蔡偉博)*, Sai Cheong Ng (伍世昌), 臺灣大學 Injectable chondroitin sulfate/gelatin based hydrogel for tissue engineering applications
BB073 0537 Chen Fu-Xiang (陳福祥) Chen Fu-Xiang (陳福祥) , Chen Xiao-Zhuang (陳小壯), Jian Yi-Qing (簡怡晴)Zhang Yi-Xian (張倚絃), Guo Guan-Sian(郭冠賢), Shao Yi-Ning(邵翊寧),Huang Shu-Ling (黃淑玲) * 聯合大學 Study on the Drug Release Behavior for the Silicone Hydrogels
BB074 0549 賴鑫立 Hsing-Li Lai(賴鑫立) 中興大學 Characterization of polysaccharides purified from a local-isolated marine diatom
BB075 0552 王柏欣 Po-Hsin Wang and Ten-Chin Wen* 成功大學 An Antifouling and Hemocompatible Dual Crosslinked Polyelectrolyte Hydrogels via Photopolymerization
BB076 0562 陳宜駿 I-Chun Chen(陳宜駿), Jiashing Yu(游佳欣)*, Naichen Cheng(鄭乃禎)* 臺灣大學 Enhancement of Osteochondral Differentiation of Human Adipose Stem Cells by Glycol Chitosan-Cartilage Extracellular Matrix Composite Biomaterial
BB077 0570 吳愷軒 Kai-Syuan Wu1, Yu-Hsuan Hsieh1, Kuan-Yin Cho1, Su-Yuan Lai2* and Min-Ying Wang1* 中興大學 A serum-free Vero cell culture process for the production of a local infectious bursal disease virus isolate
BB078 0576 邱偉誌 Hsin-Chun Lu(盧信冲)*, Yu-Ting Chueh(闕郁庭), Girija M L, Wei-Chih Chiu(邱偉誌), Chung-Yih Wang(王鐘毅), Chia-Ming Yang(楊家銘) 長庚大學 Application of c-axis aligned crystalline IGZO thin film transistor biosensors in Creatine Kinase-MB detection
BB079 0587 王煦宸 王煦宸、黃安婗、郭修伯* 長庚大學 The effect of granulator scale up on the tableting stress of corn starch granules
BB080 0596 吳柏霆 Po-Ting Wu, Yu-Wei Tai, Yi-Chun Chiu, Jiashing Yu, Yu-Cheng Chin, Shu-Pao Wu, Yu-Chun Chuang, Ho-Chen Hsieh, Ping-Shan Lai, Hsiu-Ping Yu, and Mei-Yi Liao 台灣大學 Degradable NIR-PTT Nanoagents with a Potential Cu@Cu2O@Polymer Structure
BB081 0602 張育瑄 Yu-Hsuan Chang (張育瑄)  , Meei-Ling Sheu (許美鈴), Tse-HaoKo (柯澤豪) * 逢甲大學 Performance of silver-containing activated carbon fiber inhibition tumor growth in gastric cancer
BB082 0605 蔡采妤 張敏雲,蔡采妤* 聯合大學 Determination of Antioxidative Capacity of Pomelo Peel in Ruisui Area
. 熱力及界面工程
地點:大禮堂迴廊  展示時間: 13:10-15:15 (11/10)
報告編號 論文編號 報告作者 共同作者 單位 論文題目
TS001 0029 蘇至善 Yun-Tai Hsu (徐永泰), Chie-Shaan Su (蘇至善)* 臺北科大 Design of experiment study and production of microparticle of 2-ethoxybenzamide using rapid expansion of supercritical solutions process
TS002 0045 陳語涵 Yu-Han Chen, Yi-Ping Wu,Hong-ta Yang* 中興大學 Self-Assembled Macroporous Photonic Crystals-Based Blue-Light Blocking Contact Lenses
TS003 0066 陳兆泰 陳兆泰*, 林信安, 凌昆佑, 黃威嘉, 林建宏, 羅國暉, 劉永欽, 江碩文, 蔡長成, 李劍英 中油煉製所 Technical Features and Performance Tests of the Desalters in a New Crude Distillation Unit
TS004 0067 黃詠真 Che-Hung Kuo, Yung-Chen Huang , Hung-Wei Tsui * 臺北科大 Retention models for reverse phase liquid chromatography
TS005 0080 李篤中 Yu-ying Liu, Chih-Chia Cheng, Duu-Jong Lee* 台灣大學 Synthesis of polyepichlorohydrin surface with petal effects
TS006 0110 林姿妤 Zih-Yu Lin, David T. Wu, and Shiang-Tai Lin* 台灣大學 Equilibrium and Transport Properties of Methane at the Methane-Water Interface with the Presence of SDS
TS007 0125 董亭佑 Tzung-Han Chou(周宗翰)*,Ting-You Dong (董亭佑), Hsin-Ping Chiu (邱心平), Chia-Hua Liang (梁家華) 雲林科大 Characteristics of nano-aggregates formed by dioctadecyl dimethylammonium bromide and ascorbyl palmitate
TS008 0126 董亭佑 Tzung-Han Chou(周宗翰)*,Hsin-Ping Chiu (邱心平), Ting-You Dong (董亭佑), Chia-Hua Liang (梁家華) 雲林科大 Development and comparative evaluations of avocado oil-nanoemulsions and rice bran wax- Solid lipid nanoparticle
TS009 0127 吳俊瑩 Shyh-Ming Chern (陳世明)*, Jun-Ying Wu (吳俊瑩) 義守大學 The Gasification of a Lignin Model Compound in Near Critical Water
TS010 0156 周秉儀 Kai-Tse Cheng, Ang-Yeh Lin, Sin-Chang Chen, Yi-Lun Hung, Ping-Yi Chou and Hung-Wei Tsui* 臺北科大 Solvent effects on the retention mechanisms of an amylose-based sorbent
TS011 0158 陳國榮 陳國榮、楊巧詣、張晏維、顏怡文* 臺灣科大 The Investigation of Interfacial Reactions between
Bulk Metallic Glass and Lead-free Solders
TS012 0162 蔡季璋 Shueh-Hen Cheng(程學恒)*, Chi-Chang Tsai(蔡季璋) 東海大學 Systematic Screening of Single and Mixed Entrainers in Extractive Distillation
TS013 0165 張詰苡 Chun-Wei Wang(王俊為), Chieh-Yi Chang(張詰苡), Yu-Min Yang(楊毓民)* 成功大學 Hydrophilic Drug Encapsulation Efficiency of Ethosome-like Vesicles Prepared from Catanionic Surfactant
TS014 0212 田武釗 Wu-Jhao Tien, Kun-You Chen, Chi-Cheng Chiu* 成功大學 Interplay between Membrane Mechanics and Molecular Packing on the Water Permittivity of Biomimetic Ion Pair Amphiphile Bilayers
TS015 0221 湯勝評 湯勝評(Sheng-Ping Tang)*, 楊宗祐(Tsung-You Yang ) , 林析右(Shi-Yow Lin) 臺灣科大 A Study on the Splashing Behavior for Aqueous Film-Forming Foam Solutions Impinging on a Wood Surface.
TS016 0242 孫毓安 Y. A. Sun(孫毓安), L. T. Chen(陳立婷),S. H. Wang(汪上曉), C.C. Hu(胡啟章), and  D. H. Tsai*(蔡德豪) 清華大學 Aerosol technology for environmental monitoring and synthesis of energy material
TS017 0251 韓宗佑 Zong-You Han (韓宗佑), Hung-Li Wang (王宏立), De-Hao Tsai (蔡德豪)* 清華大學 Electrostatic Assembly of Hyaluronic acid with Protein and Protein-conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications
TS018 0258 江心立 Li-Ting Chen, Hsin-Li Chiang(江心立), Je-Wei Chang, Shih-Yuan Lu, and De-Hao Tsai(蔡德豪)* 清華大學 A Facile Aerosol-Based Self-Assembly of Silver-Zinc Oxide Hybrid Nanoparticle Cluster with Mechanistic Understanding of Interface Reaction for Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance
TS019 0271 鄧凱文 DENG,KAI-WEN (鄧凱文), TU,SHENG-HUNG (涂勝宏), Heng-Kwong Tsao 1,*(曹恆光) 中央大學 Inhibition of SiO2 crystallization by the addition of silane coupling agent.
TS020 0276 陳冠銘 Kevin Tanady, Akhtar Fikri Kurniawan, Ling-Ting Huang, Ling Chao 臺灣大學 Attachment of calcium oxalate monohydrate crystals induces formation of new phases in supported lipid bilayers
TS021 0299 金子寧 Tzu-Ning Chin (金子寧)*, Sheng-Ping Tang (湯勝評), Shi-Yow Lin (林析右) 臺灣科大 A Study on the adsorption kinetics of plasticizer dibutyl phthalate
TS022 0312 蔡宗原 Zong-Yuan Cai(蔡宗原), Ming-Tsung Lee(李旻璁)* 臺北科大 Micellization of Rhamnolipid Biosurfactant by Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulation
TS023 0316 吳芸棋 Yun-chi Wu(吳芸棋), Meng-huai Han(韓孟淮) ,Chi-cheng Chiu(邱繼正)* 成功大學 Estimation of Protein Adsorption Free Energy at air/water Interface via Molecular Dynamic Simulations
TS024 0318 賴宇芳 Yu-Fang Lai, Po-Ting Lin and Chi-Cheng Chiu* 成功大學 Correlating the Fluorescence Polarization Signals with the Dynamic Properties of Double and Triple-Chained Ion Pair Amphiphile Bilayers
TS025 0319 王宏立 (Hung-Li Wang) Hung-Li Wang (王宏立), Chin-Ping Huang (黃靜萍), Chiu-Hun Su (蘇秋琿), De-Hao Tsai (蔡德豪)* 清華大學 A Facile Quantification of Hyaluronic Acid and its Crosslinking Using Gas-Phase Electrophoresis
TS026 0328 賴浩恩 Hao-En Lai, Shiang-Tai Lin* 臺灣大學 Prediction of Vapor-Liquid Interfacial Tension of Fluids Using the Peng-Robinson Equation of State and Excess Free Energy based Mixing Rules
TS027 0329 Guan-Hung Lai Hsin Yeh, Hsuan-Lan Wang1 , Guan-Hung Lai, Chia-Her Lin, De-Hao Tsai1* 清華大學 Thermal stability of metal-organic frameworks and encapsulation of CuO nanocrystals for highly active catalysis
TS028 0332 梁騰云 Teng-Yun Liang(梁騰云), Chih-Yuan Lin(林致遠), Fang-Chun Chou(周芳群), Yi-Fu Lu(盧羿甫), Fu-Cheng Lee(李富正), De-Hao Tsai(蔡德豪)* 清華大學 Controlled Gas-phase Synthesis of Hybrid Nanoparticles for Nano-energetics and Nanocatalysis
TS029 0335 姜奕安 I-An Chiang(姜奕安), Ming-Yi Chang(張名熠), and Chih-Chen Hsieh(謝之真)* 臺灣大學 Brownian Dynamics Simulations of DNA Adsorbed on Charged Lipid Bilayers
TS030 0338 Hong-Ming Tsai Hsien-Tsung Wu (吳弦聰)*, Yung-Chuan Su (蘇咏荃), Yi-Min Wang (王逸民) and Hong-Ming Tsai (蔡鴻明) 明志科大 Characterization and in vitro aerodynamic behavior of mannitol particles produced using supercritical assisted atomization
TS031 0341 陳冠丞 Kuan-Cheng Chen (陳冠丞), Yu-Ching Su (蘇于晴), Pei-Chen Li (李佩蓁), Yu-Fon Chen (陳宇楓) and Chien-Hsiang Chang (張鑑祥)* 成功大學 Physical properties and vitamin E acetate encapsulation efficiency of charged catanionic vesicles composed of ion pair amphiphile
TS032 0346 蔡宗哲 Zong-Zhe Cai (蔡宗哲), Chieh-Ming Hsieh (謝介銘)* 中央大學 Prediction of drug solubility in the supercritical carbon
TS033 0351 Ming Hong Wu(吳明鴻) Ming Hong Wu(吳明鴻), Bor Kae Chang(張博凱)* 中央大學 Computational study on mixed matrix membranes: interface construction and characterization
TS034 0378 Xin-Min Wu(吳欣旻) Xin-Min Wu(吳欣旻), Bor Kae Chang*(張博凱), Chieh-Ming Hsieh*(謝介銘) 中央大學 Prediction of hydrocarbon storage and separation properties of Zr-based MOFs
TS035 0379 Chun-Ping Huang(黃鈞平) Chun-Ping Huang(黃鈞平) , Hao-Yu Chin(金浩宇) , Bor-Kae Chang*(張博凱) 中央大學 Investigation into defect of formic acid modulated UiO-66
TS036 0387 Hoang Phu Nguyen Hoang Phu Nguyen, Hung-Li Wang, Wei-Hung Chiang,  De-Hao Tsai* 清華大學 Electrostatic-Directed Assembly of Graphene Oxide Nanosheet with Titanium Dioxide Colloid for Photocatalytic Applications
TS037 0394 Bo-Rong Huang Bo-Rong Huang(黃柏榕), Yu-Jane Sheng(諶玉真) ,and Heng-Kwong Tsao(曹恆光)* 中央大學 Structure effect of surface roughness on the droplet wetting behavior
TS038 0395 陳志宗 Jhih-Zong Chen(陳志宗), Chieh-Ming Hsieh(謝介銘)* 中央大學 Computer Program for VLE Data Quality Assessment
TS039 0398 鄔子平 Tzu Ping Wu, Bor Kae Chang* 中央大學 Investigation of the Metal-Organic Framework/Polyimide interface via molecular simulation
TS040 0427 劉子榕 Tzu-Jung Liu (劉子榕)*, Chih-Ming Chen (陳志銘) 中興大學 Nickel Metallization on Polyimide by Silanization Modification and Palladium Catalyst Activation
TS041 0430 郭裕斌 Yu-Bin Guo (郭裕斌), Chao-Hong Wang (王朝弘)* 中正大學 Effect of Minor B Addition to Electroplating Co Layer on the Interface of Lead-Free Solder Joints
TS042 0443 林妤臻 Yu-Chen Lin (林妤臻), Hsin-Ying Yu (余欣盈), Chun-Yen Chen (陳俊延), Jo-Shu Chang (張嘉修) and Chien-Hsiang Chang (張鑑祥)* 成功大學 Feasibility of microalgal lipid vesicles as drug delivery carriers
TS043 0459 陳育伸 Yu-Shen Chen(陳育伸), Hung-Li Wang(王宏立), Wei-Chang Chang(張威昌)  and De-Hao Tsai(蔡德豪) ,* 清華大學 Characterization of Graphene Oxide-Based Advanced Material Colloids using Gas-Phase Electrophoresis
TS044 0514 蕭翌登 Yi-Teng Hsiao*, Pin-Duo Lee, Hong-Ruei Chiu, Chun-Yen Cheng 譜光儀器 Mechanism Study of Sublimation-Induced Ionization in 3-Nitrobenzonitrile with Intact Proteins
TS045 0519 盧志昂 Chih-Ang Lu(盧志昂)*, Tai-Yu Chang(張台諭) 中正大學 Liquid-state interfacial Reactions of In-Sn Solders with Co Substrate
TS046 0522 黎燕婕 Thu Thi-Yen Le 黎燕婕, Tzu-Ning Chin 金子寧*, Shi-Yow Lin 林析右 臺灣科大 Study the dynamic contact angle of surfactant aqueous solutions on parafilm substrate
TS047 0525 陳延平 Yan-Ping Chen (陳延平) 臺灣大學 Measurements of the Dissociation Conditions of Methane Hydrates in the Presence of Additives
TS048 0526 曾梨子 曾梨子 文化大學 Chemical Synthesis of a Temperature and pH-Sensitive Copolymer Material by Applying the Supercritical Fluid
TS049 0542 吳俊德 Chun-Te Wu(吳俊德)*, Ynag-Kuo Kuo(郭養國), Cheng-Hung Shih(施政宏) and Hong-Ting Huang(黃宏庭) 中山研究院 The study of improving interface stress accumulation between AlN substrates and copper-plated layer
TS050 0543 吳奕鋒 I-Feng Wu, Jeff Chen and Ying-Chih Liao* 臺灣大學 Metallic Coating on Carbon Black Particles from Waste Pyrolysis Process for Conductive Fillers
TS051 0556 陳儀帆 Wen-Fang Chang (張雯芳), Si-Han Chen (陳思翰), Yi-Fan Chen (陳儀帆)* 中央大學 Correlation of an antimicrobial peptide’s potency and its influences on membrane elasticity
. 綠色化工技術與程序系統工程
地點:大禮堂迴廊  展示時間: 13:10-15:15 (11/10)
報告編號 論文編號 報告作者 共同作者 單位 論文題目
GP001 0006 余柏毅 Bor-Yih Yu(余柏毅), Chuan-Yi Chung(鍾顓亦) and I-Lung Chien(錢義隆)* 臺灣大學 Development of a Plant-Wide Dimethyl Oxalate (DMO) Synthesis Process from Syngas: Rigorous Design and Optimization
GP002 0009 余柏毅 Bor-Yih Yu (余柏毅), Chuan-Yi Chung (鍾顓亦), Meng-Kai Chen (陳孟凱), Chun-Cheng Yi (易均正), Yen-Hsiang Wang(王彥翔), I-Lung Chien*(錢義隆) 臺灣大學 Design and analysis of the hybrid extraction-distillation (HED) process for acrylic acid separation
GP003 0018 王聖潔 San-Jang Wang (王聖潔)*, Ting-Jui Lin (林廷叡), Li Shi (師麗) and David Shan-Hill Wong 清華大學 Design and Analysis of Green Chemical Processes for DMC Synthesis Using CO2 as a Raw Material
GP004 0022 張君詠 張君詠、王碩瑜、陳瑋彤、張宸瑋、吳容銘 淡江大學 Recycling E-waste by Hydrocyclone
GP005 0043 張煖 Ming-Tien Shen(沈明典), Yih-Hang Chen(陳逸航),Hsuan Chang(張煖)* 淡江大學 Optimal Control of the Chemical Absorption Process for Carbon Dioxide Capture
GP006 0047 林軒如 Chien-Chung Chen, Chuan-Chi Lan and Hong-Ting Victor Lin* 海洋大學 Microtube array membrane-immobilized lactic acid bacteria in the repeated-batch fermentation of commercial MRS broth for lactic acid production
GP007 0064 黃紹恩 Jau-Kai Wang (王昭凱);Shaon Huang(黃紹恩)Yan-Ru Wang(王彥茹) ; Hong-Ru Huang(黃泓儒) 輔英科大 Optimization Study on Supercritical Electrolytic Polishing Process for Austenite Stainless by Experimental Statistical Method
GP008 0072 盧正笙 Zheng-Sheng Lu (盧正笙), Jialin Liu (劉佳霖)* 東海大學 Investigation of Energy-saving Processes for Ammonia-based Post-combustion CO2 Capture
GP009 0105 顏豐裕 Fong-Yu Yen(顏豐裕), Hsin-Hung Chen(陳信宏), Wen-Hua Chen(陳文華)* 行政院核能研究所 Organosolv Fractionation of Woody Lignocelluloses Using a Bench-scale Rotary Reactor
GP010 0148 黃上維 Shang-Wei Huang(黃上維) and Chuei-Tin Chang(張玨庭)* 成功大學 A Novel Numerical Strategy for Computing Dynamic Flexibility Index
GP011 0150 張淳仁 Chun-Ren Zhang (張淳仁), and Chuei-Tin Chang (張珏庭)* 成功大學 Generation and Verification of Executive Operating Procedures Based on Timed Automata
GP013 0163 呂柏賢 Po-Hsien Lu (呂柏賢), Shyh-Hong Hwang (黃世宏)* 成功大學 Formation of Chaotic Flow in a Rectangular Microfluidic Conduit and Its Application in Particle Mixing
GP014 0167 謝承儒 Cheng-Ju Hsieh(謝承儒), Shyh-Hong Hwang(黃世宏)* 成功大學 Stability analysis of run-to-run control subject to shift disturbances and metrology delays
GP015 0171 陳逸航 江景揚, 張煖, 陳逸航* 淡江大學 Optimal Design of LPG Microchannel Reformer Systems for Hydrogen Production
GP016 0175 黃竑睿 Hong-Rui Huang(黃竑睿),Shi-Han Hong(洪詩涵),Yang-Ming Guo(郭洋銘) 高雄科大 Evaluation of Desizing Efficiency of Hydrogen Peroxide Solution under Ultraviolet Light
GP017 0181 黃丁晏 Ting-Yen Huang(黃个晏), Yu-Zhen Wu (吳鈺真) and C. Will Chen(陳志成)* 大同大學 PRODUCTION OF POLYHYDROXYALKANOATES BY USING TAPIOCA STARCH
GP018 0222 吳曜杉 Yao-Shan Wu(吳曜杉)*, Yu-Yun Wang(王雨筠), Lung-Teng Cheng(鄭隆藤), Han-Chang Liu(劉漢章), Song-Yeu Tsai(蔡松雨), Hao-Hsien Chiang(姜暭先), Fu-Ming Lin(林福銘) 工研院 Comparison of treatment technologies for waste photovoltaic modules
GP019 0236 宋承儒 宋承儒、陳亞謙、 張煖、汪上曉、陳逸航* 淡江大學 Net Carbon Dioxide Reduction (NCR) Analysis for Mutiple-reforming of Methane to Produce Chemicals
GP020 0239 陳則綱 Ze-Gang Chen(陳則綱), Chen Shin(忻辰), Hao-Yeh Lee*(李豪) 臺灣科大 Simulation and Analysis of Solid Circulation Rate for Chemical Looping Process
GP021 0240 黃勛偉 Hao-Yeh Lee (李豪業)*, Hsun-Wei Huang(黃勛偉) 臺灣科大 Minimum Energy Estimation for Reactive Distillation Column via Underwood Shortcut Method
GP022 0255 張超閔 Chao Ming Zhang(張超閔), Ya Chien Chen(陳亞謙), David Shan-Hill Wong(汪上曉), Yih-Hang Chen(陳逸航), Hsuan Chang(張煖)* 淡江大學 Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation Processes for Methanol Production
GP023 0259 何憶雯 Yi-Wen Ho 何憶雯 高雄科大 Photocatalytic hydrogen production of Tio2-Ceo2 nanocomposites
GP024 0268 高翊凱 高翊凱(Yi-Kai Kao)、楊政毅(Cheng-Yi Yang)、姚遠* (Yuan Yao) 清華大學 Simulating fluid dynamics of the sandwich-structured composites manufacturing process
GP025 0274 王羿文 Yi-Wen Wang* and Vincentius Surya Kurnia Adi 中興大學 Systematic Strategy for Developing Optimal Water Network Design under Process Uncertainty
GP026 0275 劉育芯 Yu-Hsin Liu(劉育芯)*, Vincentius Surya Kurnia Adi(郭文生), Shing-Yi Suen(孫幸宜) 中興大學 Feasibility Study of Solar Heated Membrane Distillation and Fuel Cell System Design
GP027 0290 吳宏達 Honda Wu(吳宏達)* 崇右科大 Desiccant Vapors for a Sprayed-Bed Dehumidification System Improving by the Different Demisters
GP028 0301 鄭喨瓊 Liang-Chiung Cheng (鄭喨瓊) and Wei Wu (吳煒)* 成功大學 Life cycle assessment of microalgae-based piggery wastewater treatment plant
GP029 0306 Tsung-Han Tsai(蔡宗翰) Yi-Chun Lei(雷壹鈞), Tsung-Han Tsai(蔡宗翰), Wei Wu(吳煒) 成功大學 Modeling and Analysis of Life Cycle Assessment and Economic for Microalgae-to-Biofuel Systems
GP030 0320 宋承儒 張煖, 宋承儒, 汪上曉, 陳逸航 淡江大學 Process Design of an Acetic Acid Production System
GP031 0370 Kai-Jin Dai(戴楷錦) Hao-Yeh Lee(李豪業)*, Kai-Jin Dai(戴楷錦) 臺灣科大 Development of Multi-stages Fluidized Bed Reactor
GP032 0386 陳映臻 Ying-Chen Chen (陳映臻), Jui-Yuan Lee (李瑞元)* 臺北科大 Crisp and Fuzzy Optimisation Models for Hybrid Power System Design
GP033 0421 王崇佑 Chung-Yu Wang(王崇佑)*, Pei-Kai Li(李培凱), Yi-Wen Chen(陳怡雯), Yu-Zhe Zhang(張育哲), Hyung-Yuan Lin(林亨圜) 高雄科大 Preparation and Insulation Characteristics of the Organic Modified Expanded Perlites for Green Energy Saving Materials
GP034 0434 蘇育慧 Yu-Hui Su(蘇育慧), Wun-Jie Huang(黃妏潔), Chi-Wen Lin (林啟文),* 雲林科大 Copper ion recovery and power generation using a microbial fuel cell with a proton exchange membrane fabricated by combining polyvinyl alcohol with superabsorbent
GP035 0444 李瑞元 Supaluck Watanapanich, Ying-Chen Chen (陳映臻), Rui-Han Li (李睿涵), Ting-Hao Wang (王廷豪), Jui-Yuan Lee (李瑞元)* 臺北科大 Synthesis of ORC-integrated Heat Exchanger Networks for Industrial Waste Heat Recovery
GP036 0460 黃安婗 Pei-Tung Hsu(徐沛彤), An-Ni Huang(黃安婗), Hsiu-Po Kuo(郭修伯)* 長庚大學 Fabrication of TiO2 Microparticles Using TiO2 Nanosuspension Spray Drying
GP037 0461 黃安婗 An-Ni Huang(黃安婗), Hsiu-Po Kuo(郭修伯)* 長庚大學 CFD Simulation of Gas Flow in a Pulverized Coal Boiler
GP038 0499 邱兆偉 Yi-Hao Ko(柯奕豪), Zhao-Wei Chiou(邱兆偉), Gow-Bin Wang(王國彬)* 長庚大學 Design and Control of Various Etherification Processes of Glycerol and Isobutene
GP039 0508 羅于涵 Wan-Chin Yu (余琬琴)*,Chin-Chia Hsu (許晉嘉), Yu-Han Lo (羅于涵) 臺北科大 Organosolv pretreatment of napier grass
GP040 0516 古曉彬 Heng-Yi Chu(朱恆毅), Hsiao-Pin Ku(古曉彬), Jyh-Cheng Jeng(鄭智成)* 臺北科大 Design and Economic Evaluation of Stand-Alone Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems Powered by Pressure Retarded Osmosis
GP041 0518 陳志瑋 Napatsakorn Srimanoroth, Chih-Wei Chen (陳志瑋), Jyh-Cheng Jeng (鄭智成)* 臺北科大 Simulation Study of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Coupled to External Biogas Reforming
GP042 0550 葉亦軒 Yi-Ling Wu (吳亦翎), I-Husan Yeh (葉亦軒) , Shih-Hong Hsu (徐世鴻) and Tsair-Wang Chung(鍾財王),* 中原大學 Study on Adsorption and Removal of Free Fatty Acids from Plant Oil
GP043 0551 林承學 Chen-Hsueh Lin, Ten-Chin Wen* 成功大學 Production, characterization and application of Paceliomyces saturates mycelia microfibril
GP044 0580 Mu-Hoe Yang (楊木火) Mu-Hoe Yang (楊木火) 高苑科大 Study on Characteristics of NaCl in PVA Solution by RO Separation Process
GP045 0590 蔡育群 Shi-Xun Huang(黃世勛), Yu-Cyun Cai(蔡育群), Jia-Ming Chern(陳嘉明), Tzong-Rong Ling(林宗榮), and Gow-Bin Wang(王國彬) 長庚大學 Design and Simulation for a Two-step Transesterification Process of Waste Cooking Oil
GP046 0604 林芝庭 Wu-Feng Chih (吳豐智), Chang-Min Yun (張敏雲), Lin-Yung Sheng (林永昇), Hsieh-Yun Kai (謝雲凱)*, Lin-Chih Ting (林芝庭), Chung-Hsin Yi (鐘心怡) 聯合大學 Comparison of antioxidant capacity of Miaoli Tung Oil Tree seed shell and seed kernel.